Race Air Pumper System

Polaris Ranger Crew accessories like front windshields are clearly beneficial for blocking dust and small rocks that get kicked up when riding. However Rangers aren't designed to be hermetically sealed, and even with windshields, rear windscreens, and full doors, dirt and fine dust particles will still get into the cab of the Polaris Ranger Crew. For some, this is just an inevitable part of UTV riding that has to be tolerated. But experienced Ranger owners who've been around the block a time or two know that a solution exists to this pervasive issue in the form of Polaris Ranger Crew race air pumper systems. Unlike full cab enclosures, which attempt to keep dust and noxious fumes out of the cockpit, fresh air pumper systems provide a scaled-down solution that focuses on one key area -- namely, you and your passenger's heads. Using filtered air pumps to constantly force fresh air to one or more air pumper helmets, race air pumper systems for the Polaris Ranger Crew will not only keep dust from entering your facial orifices, but also cool you down on those stifling summer days. Use them when racing, or use them when riding for fun. If you're sick of breathing in airborne particulates and your surgical-style dust mask just isn't cutting it, a race air pumper system from Everything Polaris Ranger won't do you wrong.

Through the use of materials such as activated carbon and charcoal -- which use small pores to absorb dust and harmful gasses -- the filter units in race air pumper systems are far superior to gauze and cotton filters. Not only are they better at absorbing pollutants and filtering out fine particles, but because they're washable and 100% reusable, you won't have to keep buying new filters and swapping them in every ride. From the filtration system to the air hoses, and from the pumper helmets to your face and head, there's no better way to stay cool and dust free than a Polaris Ranger Crew fresh air pumper system.

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