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Race Air Pumper System

Polaris Ranger Crew owners understand how essential front windshields can be in blocking dust and rocks during rides. However, even with windshields, rear windscreens, and full doors, dust and fine particles still manage to enter the cab. Experienced Ranger owners know there is a solution to this problem, and that lies in using a Polaris Ranger Crew race air pumper system. These air pumper systems provide a scaled-down solution to focus on one key area: the passenger's head. Using filtered air pumps to force fresh air into one or more air pumper helmets, these systems will keep dust and dirt from entering facial orifices and cool passengers down on hot summer days. The filter units of these systems use materials such as activated carbon and charcoal to absorb dust and harmful gases. They are also washable and reusable, and everything from the filtration system to the air hoses and pumper helmets ensures an enjoyable, dust-free ride.

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