Offroad Short Course

Outdoor off-road short course racing in the Polaris Ranger Crew is a noisy business. And when it takes place within the reverberating confines of a stadium, the noise is only exacerbated. But regardless of whether you're watching a short course off-road race or competing in one, you can improve your experience with the right radio and communication kit. For offroad short course spectators, a headset with built-in radio capabilities lets them listen to race commentary while simultaneously blocking out the roar of the crowds as well as the roar of the engines. For drivers, pit crew, and team members, an offroad short course communication system is crucial for clenching a position on the podium. Sure you could have fast reflexes and a foot heavier than lead, but without proper communication during a race, information asymmetries between the driver and his / her crew will deprive both sides of valuable data, leading to a disadvantaged position and ultimately a slower time. With an offroad short course communication kit in your Polaris Ranger Crew, however, you can be in constant contact with your team, sending helpful info back and forth until you cross the finish line victoriously.

While you may not need a complete offroad short course communication kit to perform the various information-sharing tasks required during a race, the more elements that are missing, the more difficult communication becomes. You're pretty much doomed from the start without a microphone and earphones -- be they in the form of helmet speakers, earbuds, and helmet audio kits -- and if your radio isn't programmable, you'll likely find that chatter and overlapping radio signals makes communication difficult, if not outright impossible. For this reason, running a multi-channel radio in your offroad short course communication system is important. You're also going to want a system with the required capacity so no one gets left out. An offroad short course comm system in your Polaris Ranger Crew will be of little use if the right people aren't on the other end of the line. So get it right the first go-round and get yourself a proper communication system for offroad short course racing from Everything Polaris Ranger!

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