Helmet Kits

Headsets can be bulky and cumbersome, while earphones can create unwanted pressure and increase the risk of damage to your eardrum when wearing them underneath a helmet. So for all the Polaris Ranger Crew owners out there who like to both listen to music and wear a helmet, Everything Polaris Ranger has the accessory for you: an audio helmet kit. Through the use of an audio kit, you can revamp your tired old helmet with some helmet speakers and a helmet mic. Not only will you be able to rock and roll to your favorite music while driving, but you'll also have the capability to communicate through your helmet as if it were a permeable sound conductor. For in-cab communication, using a helmet communication kit paired with an off-road intercom will let you effortlessly converse with your passengers. If you have a radio, you can sync your helmet kit to that for long-distance bike-to-bike communication. Whether you're using it for music, for communication, or to play your ASMR audio while you ride, you can do it all with an audio helmet kit from Everything Polaris Ranger.

As opposed to other styles of headphones and headsets, our helmet kits use thin, disc-shaped speaker pods that can easily slide inside your helmet. We have helmet stereo kits for the Polaris Ranger Crew that run mono-style on a single channel, and stereo kits which can produce different sounds in each speaker. While this might seem insignificant for communication purposes, many songs are constructed using stereophonic principals to surround the listener and make it seem like music is coming from different directions. Similar to the speakers of the respective audio helmet kits, the microphones can differ as well. Some helmet kits come with flexible boom mics that can be adjusted for better quality. These are great for full-face helmets, but they aren't the best with open-face helmets. So if you're looking for a helmet kit for a half-helmet or three-quarter helmet, make sure to get a microphone that has a cloth mic muff to reduce the sound of blowing air as you ride. Whatever you need, however, we've got the helmet audio kits and audio kit accessories to make your helmet truly remarkable.

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