Some Polaris Ranger Crew owners add amps to their stereo setup and replace the 5.25" speakers in the lower dash with 6.5" speakers. But even after doing this, it can still be hard to heart in the Ranger Crew. Sure you could curb in-cab noise with accessories like windshields, doors, and roofs, but a better solution for both music and communication is to use headsets. Especially with Ranger Crews that have Ride Command, many features of Ride Command require headsets to be used. While you can integrate your GPS and phone, there is no external mic with Ride Command for cellular calls, which is where headsets come in handy. But even if you don't have Ride Command in your Crew, other stereo systems and communication kits will sound far better through headsets. If you're worried about headsets obstructing your in-cab conversations, you can pair them with an intercom so everyone in your vehicle is connected. Alternatively, you can also get half headsets and single-ear headsets that leave one ear exposed, allowing you to listen to both your friends and family in the cab, and your friends and family in other vehicles.

Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we have youth headsets for younger riders, and adjustable headsets for adults of all sizes. Many riders are fine with wired headsets that plug directly into the device that they're using the headsets with. However other riders prefer wireless headsets with simple pairing systems that connect to any wireless-compatible device. Want some over-ear headsets with a surplus of foam padding? Looking for a sleek and lightweight one-ear headset like the ones used by bouncers or the Secret Service? Whatever you're after for headsets to use in the Polaris Ranger Crew, at Everything Polaris Ranger, what you seek can be found. Upgrade your music and / or comm situation with a Ranger Crew headset and never look back!

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