Complete Kits with Radio

Many Polaris Ranger Crew owners like to use their ruts, tracks, and skid marks as a subtle note to communicate with the riders behind them. Others like to run aftermarket horn kits and honk out messages in Morse code. But for riders who live in the modernity, complete communication kits with telecommunication radios are the best way to disseminate a message when off-roading, farming, trail riding, or otherwise romping around in a Crew-cab Polaris Ranger. Some loquacious Ranger Crew riders prefer to use portable or handheld radios. These can be used in-vehicle, then taken with you when you head out on foot. Kenwood makes a quality handheld two-way radio, and there are various ways of mounting it overhead and under the roof to ensure that it stays dry. A company called Mob Armour makes magnetic mounts that work great for fastening handheld radios down in the cab of a Ranger Crew. Alternatively, you could bend up a metal box with a strap on it to hold your radio or use a leather radio holster fastened to the roof with an external speaker / mic on a bungee cord. If you're going to go through all this trouble, however, it might be simpler, cheaper, and all around better to use a permanent communication kit with a radio in your Polaris Ranger Crew.

Permanent communication kits with radios have many features that handheld radios lack, such as battery eliminators -- as they draw off your UTV's battery instead -- separate handheld mics, and external speakers. Accessories such as headsets and helmet communication kits can be used with your comm system, but they're by no means required. One-ear headsets are popular as they don't cut you off from your passengers, and if you want to extend the range of your side-by-side communication kit, antennas can be added for improved radio reception. A half or quarter wave wire whip antenna will work great, but a ground plane antenna is even better -- although the former works just fine for shorter-range applications. And for those concerned about damaging or destroying their newly-installed antenna, a rubber duck can be placed on the tip to keep it from getting beat in by the brush. Sure a communication radio is good to have, but without a complete communication kit to partner with your radio, there will be many things you simply cannot do. So don't be disappointed with your communication setup and get a complete comm kit with a radio for your Polaris Ranger Crew today!

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