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Batteries and Chargers

Everything Polaris Ranger offers Polaris Ranger Crew battery upgrades and chargers to maximize your vehicle's performance. You can find the right size and voltage for your Ranger Crew 800, 570, and 1000 with our battery replacements. We also have battery boxes for alternate and factory locations. Keep your rig powered up with Polaris Ranger Crew battery accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger.

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There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a dead battery on your Polaris Ranger Crew, especially when it happens at the most inconvenient time. If you’re still using the stock battery that came with your Polaris Ranger Crew, it’s only a matter of time before you’re left sidelined with a dead battery. That’s why it’s essential to upgrade with an aftermarket UTV battery. These batteries are known for being more reliable and longer-lasting than OEM batteries. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer a range of the best aftermarket UTV batteries and battery chargers for the Polaris Ranger Crew.

Our batteries and battery chargers come from some of the industry’s leading brands, such as Optimate, Moose, WPS, Noco, XS Power Batteries, Rough Country, and TrueAm. One of our most popular aftermarket battery replacements for the Polaris Ranger Crew is the Polaris Ranger Crew PS Series - PSX14 by XS Power Batteries. This 12V AGM Battery Polaris Ranger Crew battery is vibration and shock-resistant and features an ABS case with pure lead internal grids. You'll receive a two-year warranty with this battery.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to have a powerful and reliable UTV battery for your Polaris Ranger Crew; you need to have a way to recharge it if necessary. That’s where UTV battery chargers come in. We offer a great selection of Polaris Ranger Crew battery chargers, including the best battery chargers, lithium jump packs, jump starters, and battery charger kits. One of our most popular Polaris Ranger Crew battery chargers is the Polaris Ranger Crew TecMate Optimate 1 Global Battery Charger by Optimate. This charger offers a consistent, steady charge and is specially designed to avoid overcharging or undercharging. If you need a quick jump for your Polaris Ranger Crew, check out the Polaris Ranger Crew Noco Genius GB70 Boost Lithium Jump Pack by WPS.

With our wide variety of durable, high-performing UTV batteries and chargers, you are sure to find something to meet your riding needs. We supply batteries and chargers for the best Ranger Crew models, such as the full-size Ranger Crew 570-6, the mid-size Ranger Crew 570-4, the Ranger Crew XP 1000, and the Ranger Crew 1000. Don’t settle for disastrous stock batteries that won’t last when you can get high-quality aftermarket parts from Everything Polaris Ranger. Drive with the confidence that your side-by-side is outfitted with dependable products that will last.

A dead battery should never get in the way of your fun. Don’t let a dead battery ruin your day - explore purchasing a Polaris Ranger Crew Battery and Charger Accessory for your side-by-side. Order yours today from Everything Polaris Ranger and get back on the road in no time!