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Air Intake

Everything Polaris Ranger offers a wide array of air intake products for the Polaris Ranger Crew lineup. Whether you need a snorkel and pre-filter to keep water out of your Polaris Ranger 900 Crew air intake or a reusable foam filter to prevent dust from infiltrating your Polaris Ranger 1000 Crew air intake, we've got you covered. Our selection includes Polaris Ranger Crew air intake screens, air filters, and air intake relocation kits. You can trust us for quality air intake products that are second to none. So, take your Polaris Ranger Crew out for a spin and let the good times roll with a reliable air intake system from Everything Polaris Ranger.

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To ensure optimal performance from your Polaris Ranger Crew, it is essential to provide an adequate and constant flow of cool, clean air into its engine. The vehicle's air intake system plays a significant role in achieving this, which is why it is critical to optimize it for maximum efficiency. There are several ways to achieve this, and Everything Polaris Ranger has all the necessary components to help you get the most out of your Polaris Ranger Crew.

One of the primary ways to optimize your vehicle's air intake system is by ensuring you regularly replace the air filter. By using top-quality aftermarket UTV air filters, you can help maintain clean airflow and prevent any contaminants from entering your engine. Additionally, cleaning your air filters using air filter cleaners can help extend their lifespan and maintain optimal engine performance.

Upgrading your Polaris Ranger Crew's air intake system is another great way to achieve gains in engine performance. Everything Polaris Ranger offers various aftermarket UTV air intake kits, such as the Polaris Ranger Crew 570/XP 1000 Clutch and Engine Air Intake Kit By Duraclutch. This kit is designed to keep your vehicle's clutch cool and protect it from dust and dirt, ensuring optimal engine performance. The kit comes with all the necessary components and hardware, making installation easy and hassle-free.

If you need to replace an air filter, Everything Polaris Ranger has got you covered, with products like the Polaris Ranger Crew 425/500/700/800 Air Filter by K&N. This air filter features multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media, providing excellent filtration while also enhancing horsepower and acceleration. When it's time to clean your Polaris Ranger Crew's air filter, the Polaris Ranger Crew Power Kleen 32 Oz by K&N is perfect for the job.

It is essential to make sure your Polaris Ranger Crew's air intake system is free from debris and fully functional. Using suboptimal air intakes can lead to performance losses, increased wear and tear, and even catastrophic damage. Everything Polaris Ranger has a range of air intake accessories that can help you mitigate these issues. Particle separators and snorkels can be added to your Polaris Ranger Crew air intakes to remove fine pieces of dirt, dust, and sand, preventing damage to the internal components of your vehicle.

In conclusion, optimizing your Polaris Ranger Crew's air intake system is essential for its overall performance and longevity. Whether it's an air filter replacement, air filter cleaners, or air intake accessories, Everything Polaris Ranger has everything you need to keep your vehicle running at its best. Don't wait any longer, take advantage of these products, and enhance your Polaris Ranger Crew's performance today!