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Windshield Wipers

Are you tired of squinting through a smeared windshield while navigating in your Polaris Ranger Crew? Say goodbye to compromised visibility with our exclusive Polaris Ranger Crew Windshield Wipers collection! Engineered for excellence, these all-inclusive windshield wiper washer kits effortlessly clear away stubborn dirt and debris. With high-torque motors, experience swift and seamless wiping every time. Dive into the very best selection of premium wiper blades, ranging from versatile universal fits to bespoke designs specifically for your Ranger Crew, guaranteeing a spotless view at all times! Elevate your ride with adjustable wipers and robust electric motors, ensuring a perfect fit for unmatched cleaning efficiency. But wait, there's more! Our extensive range of durable replacement parts promises sustained quality and peak performance. Don't let poor weather dictate your journey. Order now and take matters into your own hands!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Crew Windshield Wipers?

Manual vs. Automatic Polaris Ranger Crew Wipers

Manual wipers are a good fit for Polaris Ranger Crew owners who might want to swap wipers between different UTVs or simply don’t want to spend much money on wipers.

These are easy to use, install, remove, and store. In stark contrast, automatic wipers are ideal for the Polaris Ranger Crew used regularly in rain or muddy conditions. 

Offering consistent, hands-free operation, they are a smart choice for those who keep their windshield on and often face challenging weather.

Build Materials and Durability

For your Polaris Ranger Crew, going for a set of wipers made from marine-grade stainless steel and high-quality rubber is usually the best choice you can make.

The wiper blades need to be resilient against UV rays, temperature extremes, and regular wear. 

Strong wiper arms are important to withstand heavy rainfall or snow. High-quality but soft rubber blades are recommended for effective cleaning without excessive noise.

All in all, always try to balance material quality with durability and construction quality.

Blade Length and Compatibility

It's important to choose blades that correctly fit the size and shape of your Polaris Ranger Crew's windshield without going over them.

For complete windshields, ensure the blades cover the entire area. Specialized designs might be necessary for half or foldable windshields.

In reality, if you only own a half windshield, buying automatic wipers is not really an option.

Motor Strength and Adjustability

For good old automatic wipers, investing in a strong motor is as important as ever. It should be powerful enough to maintain clear visibility in various conditions. 

Adjustable wiping speed settings allow for greater control depending on the intensity of rain or heavier snow. 

For those who frequently drive in muddy or marshy areas, a motor capable of handling heavy debris is important since these can add quite a bit of weight on top of your windshield.

Additional Features and Maintenance

Features such as integrated washer systems can greatly improve cleaning efficiency, particularly useful for removing settled mud, grime, or heavy snow. 

Also, consider the noise level of the wipers for a more pleasant driving experience, especially during long rides. Some models may offer additional features like coated wiper blades for enhanced performance and longevity.

Maintenance-wise, be sure to do your part as this will help you use your wipers as long as possible.