Switches and Wiring

Manage your power-hungry accessories and ensure that your rig’s electrical system remains strong and robust with the Polaris Ranger Crew switches and wiring products from Everything Polaris Ranger! If you need a Polaris Ranger Crew 800 wiring harness and wiring diagram, we can help with that; or if you require a Polaris Ranger Crew ignition switch, toggle switch, or rocker switch, we can assist you with those as well!

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Any true off-road enthusiast understands that aftermarket parts, accessories, and upgrades are necessary in order to maximize the potential of any UTV or side by side like the Polaris Ranger Crew. Aftermarket UTV upgrades can make your Polaris Ranger Crew stronger, faster, more comfortable, and better looking. Many of these parts and accessories are electrical, with common examples being light bars, sound bars, stereo systems, head lights, and winches. A common mistake when installing these electrical accessories is not including a rocker switch as part of the complete setup. This means that you’ll have to get up out of your Polaris Ranger Crew’s cab to manually turn these electrical accessories on and off yourself. This is never optimal, especially when you need to be able to power your accessories and upgrades on at a moment’s notice.

Side by side rocker switches are the perfect way to put the finishing touch on your Polaris Ranger Crew’s new stereo system, light bar, winch, auxiliary battery, or horn. This is because UTV rocker switches give you convenient dash-mounted control of these electrical aftermarket accessories right from the comfort of your Polaris Ranger Crew’s driver seat. If this sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we have the best selection of UTV and side by side rocker switches on the market. These Polaris Ranger Crew rocker switches are supplied by top industry-leading brands such as Race Sport Lighting, ModQuad, DragonFire Racing, Moose, XTC Power Products, and SSV Works. You will notice that many of these rocker switches are LED back lit, meaning they will light up in a variety of different LED colors at night to make them easily visible and accessible.

One of our most popular and highly rated side by side rocker switches for the Polaris Ranger Crew are the Polaris Ranger Crew Universal Laser Etched LED Rocker Switches by DragonFire Racing. These laser etched LED rocker switches are customizable for a variety of different accessories such as LED light bars, fans, interior lights, horns, spot lights, whip lights, GPS, stereo systems, sound bars, and intercom radios. When you order these aftermarket UTV rocker switches for your Polaris Ranger Crew, you can choose whether you want them with either blue or red LED lights. These rocker switches are super easy to install onto your Polaris Ranger Crew with a simple 3-prong wiring design. They are also built specifically for off-road applications with a waterproof construction, so these rocker switches can stand up to anything the outdoors can throw at them. And if you’re going to be installing rocker switches like these onto your Polaris Ranger Crew, you’ll need a rocker switch mounting panel such as the Polaris Ranger Crew Aluminum Rocker Switch Mounting Panel for (4) Rocker Switches by Race Sport Lighting. This rocker switch mounting panel is powder coated and features industry standard cutout sizes.

In addition to the side by side rocker switches you need to control your Polaris Ranger Crew’s new aftermarket accessories, we also have all the best wiring solutions you need to install them. We have wiring harnesses like the Polaris Ranger Crew Plug & Play Pulse Busbar Accessory Wiring Harness with 14 Gauge Fused 12v/GND Wires by XTC Power Products, amplifier wiring kits like the Polaris Ranger Crew Amplifier Wiring Kit by SSV Works, and winch wiring kits like the Polaris Ranger Crew Black Ops Winch Wiring Kits by SuperATV. The aftermarket UTV wiring kits we have take the hassle and guesswork out of installing electrical accessories onto your Polaris Ranger Crew by offering everything you need in one easy order.

If you are going to upgrade your Polaris Ranger Crew with aftermarket accessories like a winch, sound bar, light bar, or stereo system, make sure you do it the right way. This means arming yourself with the necessary electrical wiring, switches, and hardware. Look no further than Everything Polaris Ranger to find all the best rocker switches and electrical wiring solutions for the Polaris Ranger Crew from all the best brands. These wiring kits and rocker switches will get your Polaris Ranger Crew’s fancy new aftermarket accessories up and running in no time so you can enjoy doing what you love.

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