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Hand Controls

No two bodies are the same, and this holds true for riders who enjoy working, riding, and recreating in their Crew-Cab Ranger. Everything Polaris Ranger recognises this and offers a range of hand control parts and accessories, as well as complete hand control systems, to help you operate your machine with ease. These products are designed to cater to everyone, including amputees who may find it difficult to turn the steering wheel. The hand control products available include the amputee ring and a hand control unit for the brake and accelerator. With Everything Polaris Ranger's hand control range, riders can enjoy riding their Polaris Ranger Crew without any hindrance. Don't let anything come between you and your ride - trust the Polaris Ranger Crew hand control products from Everything Polaris Ranger.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Crew Hand Controls?

Hand Control Types for Polaris Ranger Crew

The choice of hand controls for the Ranger Crew should be tailored to your specific driving needs and personal comfort. 

For instance, palm grips designed for the Ranger Crew are perfect for lengthy rides, offering comfort and reducing hand fatigue, a boon for those with wrist or hand issues.

Tri-pin grips are a solid choice for rugged terrain, providing a secure grip in slippery conditions like mud or rain. These grips ensure steady control in challenging environments.

For drivers who prioritize agility and quick response, single-pin grips, known for their lightweight design, allow for swift and easy maneuvering.

V grips, with their ergonomic design, are particularly helpful for those who find traditional steering mechanisms challenging, offering better control and support.

If a specific type of hand control is recommended to you by a physician or similar, it’s best to adhere to those recommendations.

Material Quality and Longevity

Most hand controls for the Ranger Crew are available in various materials, including high-quality plastics, rubbers, and metals like aluminum and zinc. 

These are the materials that suit the environments people typically explore using the Polaris Ranger Crew. 

If you often ride in wet or humid conditions, opt for materials with corrosion-resistant properties.

Ensure that the hand controls you select come with robust mounting hardware and handles that are built to last, maintaining their integrity over time.

Ease of Installation and User-Friendliness

Hand controls for the Polaris Ranger Crew should be user-friendly and easy to install as well.

This is particularly important if you need to swap controls between different vehicles or adjust them frequently to accommodate different environments and needs.

Look for hand controls that are known for their straightforward installation process and intuitive design.

Opt for models that have garnered positive feedback for their ease of use and effectiveness. User-centric design is crucial for a seamless integration of the hand controls into your regular driving routine.

By focusing on these key aspects – the type of grip, material durability, and ease of installation and use – you can choose hand controls for your Polaris Ranger Crew that make the most sense to you.