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Whether you're after a satellite radio receiver or a Polaris General receiver for terrestrial-broadcasted radio signals, Everything Polaris Ranger has them all. We have race receivers that are compact and ultra light -- perfect for any off-road or on-road race -- as well as replacement receivers and external receivers for communication radio units. Bluetooth radio receivers are handy as you can sync with them using bluetooth helmets or earbuds, but analog receivers with wired headphone options are also commonplace. There are lower-end receivers that only work within a set range of radio frequencies, and high-end receivers that can pick up large swaths of signal sizes. For racing applications, some tracks and competitive series make using race receivers compulsory, ensuring that each and every racer is up to date with official communications and instructions from race administrators. But even if you aren't required to use a receiver for a particular race, being able to listen to your teammates can give you an edge during any style of race. Use them as standalone devices or connect them with other communication accessories for back-and-forth dialogue.

The same way you can listen to voice communications with a Polaris General receiver, you can also use them for music. If you get a programmable receiver and are within range of any radio stations, you can tune your receiver to pick up their broadcast frequency. Alternatively, you can use receivers in conjunction with things like comm radios and intercoms, which enables you to both send out and pick up radio signals. Get a handheld receiver for your Polaris General and hook it up to some stereo helmet speakers, or install a fixed receiver with an antenna and listen to it with wired earbuds. For excellent race receivers and other styles of UTV receiver for the Polaris General, Everything Polaris Ranger is the go-to resource that experienced riders trust.

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