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If you’re like a lot of the riders we know, you might have the 10-30 rule implemented in your UTV crew: ride for 10 minutes, then stop to bullshit and replenish beer for 30! But for those times when you’re at 6 minutes and just can’t wait the whole 10 for the next pit stop, Polaris General communication accessories are good to have at hand. Be it a two-way radio that lets you listen to music and communicate with your wife by riding or a cheap CB radio like the ones used by truckers, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got you covered in the communications department. A while back, Polaris upgraded the software on the Polaris General Ride Command edition, updating the maps and integrating the Group Ride function. If you have the Ride Command General, you can get an antenna kit that enables you to use the Group Ride communications between machines when on the trail and out of cell range. Polaris also added the capability to use a cell signal to communicate using the App to display your position on your partners Ride Command. There is one trick you must understand and that is just connecting your cell phone will not work; you must set up a Bluetooth Data Tether.

For those without the Group Ride communication system in their Generals — or those looking for the optional Polaris General Ride Command In-vehicle Communications Headset Accessories — there are many other options that let you keep in touch with those around you. Midland makes micro mobile units for the Polaris General — which are pretty much walkie talkies, only the UTV version — and other side-by-side communications companies such as Baofeng, Rugged Radio, and Better Communications all make good setups that work great in Polaris Generals. Be it a CB, walkie-talkie, VHF radio, or any other Polaris General communication accessory, the durable, marine-grade, communications devices here at Everything Polaris Ranger can’t be beat in terms of both price and quality.

1 - 36 of 253 products

1 - 36 of 253 products