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Radio / Radio Kits

If you have been looking at two-way radios to listen to music and communicate with others while riding your Polaris General, but aren't sure what to buy, your search is now over. We've got single race radio units, radio components, and UTV radio kits in a variety of sizes and styles. Be it a Black Box 2-way radio or a Speedcom communications radio, Everything Polaris Ranger has the General-specific radios and radio accessories to bestow crystal-clear radio communications onto anyone who owns them. Handheld radios like the ones by Rugged Radios are popular, as they are small in size and simple to use. This and similar portable radio option can be clipped onto your belt or mounted over your dash, and use built-in speakers as well as mics to function like a walkie-talkie. Throw in a high capacity radio battery and you've got yourself a radio that will last for days on end under continuous-use circumstances. The portability of handheld radios is both a benefit and a drawback. Sure they fit in the palm of your hand and you can transport them practically anywhere, due to size restrictions, they will never be as powerful as larger-sized, permanent Polaris General radios.

CB radios for UTVs are tried and true, having been used for decades now without fail. But because CB radios use a lower frequency than other types of race radios, you might be a bit limited in terms of who you can talk to on the trail. Furthermore, if you are running something like an MTX Overhead radio, there is a good possibility that a CB radio will interfere. This is evident in big-rig semi trucks, where there is always a five foot separation between the radio antenna and the CB antenna, making it so that the CB doesn't talk through the radio. An alternative to CB radios are UHV and VHF radios, which are reasonably priced and support car-to-car communication. The Midland GMRS is a good radio with both fixed and handheld options, and other companies such as TEKK and Kenwood make Polaris General radios that can mount on your roll cage or under your dash. If you want the best radio kit out there or any further information about good Polaris General radios or radio installation processes, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to go.

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