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Race Air Pumper System

Windshields and rear dust screens can help prevent dust from swirling around in your cab, but if you want the ultimate anti-dust accessory, you're gonna have to invest in a Polaris General race air pumper system. There are few things better than a blast of fresh air on a hot day. And with a fresh air pumper system installed in your Polaris General, you can have that satisfying feeling any time with the flip of a switch. If you live in places like California, which have laws that require all UTV riders to wear a helmet, it can get pretty stifling in the cab of a Polaris General. Furthermore, if you use your machine for racing or ride in large groups, exhaust fumes can become a real issue. To solve both of these problems, all you need is the right fresh air pumper system. Using a series of pumps, filters, pre-filters, and expandable pumper hoses, the race air pumper systems by companies like PCI and Rugged Radios direct a nonstop flow of clean air straight to your air pumper helmet. Keep dust out of your face, sand out of your eyes, and noxious fumes out of your lungs with a race air pumper system from Everything Polaris Ranger.

Units such as the Bell Qualifier Pumper Hemet come with valves and vents that attach to any fresh air pumping system for the Polaris General. Simply attach the hose and slide your head inside; you'll be ready for a jam-packed day full of fun and adventure. This and similar helmets are also typically designed with pockets to house helmet speakers. With fresh air, a click-release visor, and a helmet audio kit, you'll never need to remove your helmet while inside your Polaris General. Don't let wind and sandstorms ruin a ride, and never overhead behind the wheel of your General. With an air pumper system from Everything Polaris Ranger, you can drive straight into the eye of a dust bowl and make it out the other side unscathed!

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