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Push-to-Talk (PTT)

For the best Polaris General push-to-talk buttons that won't hesitate, falter, or miss a beat, knowledgable riders know that Everything Polaris Ranger is the place where unbeatable deals can be found. For those with heavy thumbs and worn out PTT buttons, we have replacement buttons for PTT units. For those looking for more wiggle room, we have spiral-cord, extendable PTT buttons that can stretch and recoil based on your needs at any given moment. If your current communication system doesn't have push-to-talk functionality, you can add an external PTT unit. And if your system uses an internal PTT on a hand mic or handheld radio, we have the components, wiring, and other necessary parts to repair and replace a faulty or malfunctioning PTT. For every and all PTT needs, Everything Polaris Ranger has a solution. Be it mount-related, electrical, or something simple like the addition of a coupler or splitter, search our selection of PTT-related accessories and you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

As far as PTT mounts for the Polaris General go, we've got a mounting device to place your PTT unit practically anywhere you want it to be. The standard dash mount or steering wheel mounting option for a PTT button are popular, but some Polaris General riders like to keep their PTT units attached to their body. We have PTT buttons that can strap to your person using velcro, and belt-station PTT devices that get threaded through by belts and stay put to the waist of the rider. For those that don't even want to lift a finger to operate their PTT, we have foot-press PTTs that mount on the floor of the cab and activate after being pressed by the rider's foot. Not all communication systems use push-to-talk buttons. But if yours does, you can rest easy knowing that Everything Polaris Ranger has replacements should something break, snap, or splinter. Don't waste your cognitive capacity thinking about PTT buttons and get yours from Everything Polaris Ranger today!

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