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Mounting Solutions

Lock-and-ride mounts, clips, fasteners, brackets, and more. Whatever you need held in your Polaris General, Everything Polaris Ranger has the mounting solutions to do it right. Some riders use iPads and other tablets to check engine temps, monitor fluid levels, play music, and navigate in their side-by-side. If you are such a rider, the Mob Armor race series mount could be for you. But let us not overlook standard GPS units. Whether you have a Garmin, a Lowrance, or any other UTV GPS, we've got a system to mount it in your Polaris General. Stick it to your windshield or dash with a suction-style mount, or give it a more permanent home with an in-dash mount that utilizes the unfilled cubbies in the stock center section of the Polaris General. Communication radios and intercoms can also be mounted in these center cubbies. If you mount your Polaris General radio at the top of the cubby, it'll leave some storage room at the bottom and help to amplify the speaker a bit if it's aimed downward. For those looking to mount their communication equipment in the center area, the question might arise as to where one might route the antenna wire for a roof-mounted antenna. To do this, you can run the wires down through the center, past the battery, and up to the area behind the seat headrest. From there it's a simple hop up to the antenna on the roof. It doesn't matter if you use a whip antenna, or an antenna that sticks to the glass on both sides for short-range capabilities, if you need it mounted, we've got the mounting solution to secure it tight, and secure it right.

Other communications accessories like headsets can be kept out of the way when not in use with headset hangers, while mounts for smartphones can place them in the perfect location for any specific use. For example, if you're using an offline trail-map app on your phone, you're likely going to want it mounted so that you can see the screen as you drive. Alternatively, if you are using your phone to play music, you might want it within easy reach so you can change songs and adjust the volume without overextending yourself. Be it a solution to mount your Lifetime trail map to use with Ride Command, or something that holds the PTT button of your comm system close by, Everything Polaris Ranger has all the solutions for mounting electronics in the Polaris General.

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