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If you think about it, a Polaris General with harnesses, a DOT windshield, and other aftermarket modifications is practically a Jeep. And if this is the case, why would you need to wear helmets in your Polaris General? For one, many off-road parks make helmets compulsory; either get a helmet, or find a different place to ride. Further, unlike Jeeps -- which can function both on-road and off-road -- the Polaris General is, for the most part, an off-road vehicle. Therefore, they are statistically more likely to get damaged, roll, and cause injury to the driver during off-road applications. This is not to say, however, that you shouldn't drive the way you want. But like the use of seatbelts in a car, wearing a helmet in a UTV is a good precautionary measure to take. Something as simple as a DOT certified Skid Lid from a company like J&P Cycles can prevent your head from getting bumped, and it can also get you into most UTV parks that require helmets. Similarly, BMX-style half helmets can accomplish much of the same. Many riders, though, don't just want to protect the top of their head, but rather, their entire head. The Gmax full-face Modular helmet is a trusty unit, and their 3/4 helmet with a retractable visor is popular as well. On those hot summer days when the sun is shining, simply slide down the visor and you won't have a need for sunglasses or goggles.

A notable downside to wearing a standard helmet is that it will likely hinder your communication. Half-shell helmets don't allow the use of over-head headsets or headphones, and full-face helmets block and muffle both incoming and outgoing sound waves. This might not be a big deal for those who like to ride in silence and focus on the task at hand, but for the loquacious Polaris General owners out there, audio helmets are available that come stock with built-in helmet speakers and mics. You can pair an audio helmet with your cell phone to make calls, your MP3 player to hear music, or your UTV's intercom to talk with others in your cab. You can even use bluetooth helmets with radios for mid-distance and long-distance rig-to-rig communications. Be it for safety reasons or because it's mandated by law, if you're going to wear a helmet in your Polaris General, you may as well make it an audio helmet!

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