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If you're looking for wireless cell phone headsets with a 2-way radio interface to use in your Polaris General, or trying to find a simpler solution that will plug right into your communication radio or intercom, the UTV headset you're after can be found at Everything Polaris Ranger. Regardless of whether you're using a BaoFeng, Rugged Radios, PCI, or any other radio / intercom, without quality headsets, everything else is null. Even the Ride Command in-vehicle communication system in the Polaris General isn't enough to overcome an improperly functioning headset. Therefore, if you want a comm system that is free of chatter, static, and inconsistent audio, it is crucial to run the appropriate headset. However, just because a headset is expensive, the price doesn't automatically mean that the unit is good. And just because a headset is cheap, this doesn't mean it's bad. Different side-by-side headsets offer different features; some of which you might like, and some of which you may not have a need for. So before you drink the Kool-Aid on a particular brand or style of UTV headset, feel free to reach out for some helpful advice.

Over-head headsets perform well during slow-speed rides on relatively smooth terrain. Increase the speed, however, or add rough ground into the mix and you'll likely be better off with a behind-the-head headset. Things like splitters can be used to wire up two separate headsets to the same handheld radio, but this only works with listen-only headsets. Instead of running two VOX headsets on the same radio, you'd be better off just getting two separate radios for each user. Whether you're using a pair of Polaris General communication headsets with an intercom to discuss evening plans with your wife, using a headset with a radio to keep tabs on the other members of your UTV club during a weekend ride, or simply wanting to drown out the world with unadulterated bass with some sound-deadening headsets, whatever you desire can be found at Everything Polaris Ranger!

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