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Complete Kits with Radio

Running a communication radio alone in your Polaris General will be of little use. However, a solid radio will act as the foundation of a quality communication system. If you're looking for a complete comm kit with a radio for your Polaris General, you've come to the right place. Everything Polaris Ranger has established itself as a leading aftermarket parts provider for Polaris side-by-sides. And where communication systems for the Polaris General are concerned, few sites offer the quality and variety of complete kits with radios as Everything Polaris Ranger. We have base models that are effective yet cheap, and more advanced models with increased range, power, and sound quality. Convenience is another high-priority factor that many Polaris General owners look into before investing in a communication kit with a radio. Some riders find wireless headset options to be more convenient, while others prefer wired headsets. Some riders like PTT buttons, and others would rather have voice-activated controls. Whether you're looking for a complete kit with a radio, or want to mix and match components for a customized communications package, we've got the comm-related accessories and complete kits to make it happen.

Hunting with radios is illegal in states like Kansas. But you can still use them for comms when hunting as long as you're not using them for pursuit. But regardless of if you're hunting, working, or joy riding, a complete communication kit just makes life easier in the Polaris General. Systems like the ones by Rugged Radios can be used as two-way radios or person-to-person radios, and units like the TYT TH-8600 are hot right now among General owners. Get a dual band radio with either a ground plane or NGP antenna, or get a simple handheld radio and connect it to an intercom and headset device. If you have your GMRS license, you can expand the transmission frequencies you're allowed to use and experiment with other ranges. And if you get your Ham Technician License, you can use complete communication kits with a Ham radio and broadcast at frequencies above thirty megahertz. While VHF and UHF frequencies are enough for most, comm. kits with Ham radios can make use of repeaters for a larger range area. So if you want a high-end communication system with a Ham radio or something much simpler, we've got you covered at Everything Polaris Ranger.

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