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The Everything Advantage

Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Achieve better UTV stability through corners and around turns, set your wheels more forward and/or outward to avoid treat-contact with your machines a-arms, suspension or fenders, and gain the ability to fit offset rims on your UTV with a set of Polaris Ranger wheel spacers or adapters from Everything Polaris Ranger. Regardless of whether you’re after improved handling in your Ranger 900 or simply a more aggressive look in your Ranger 1000, Polaris Ranger wheel spacers and adapters will help you achieve your goals. Found a nice set of side by side rims that don’t match the bolt pattern or stud size of your Polaris Ranger Full-Size? No problem. Simply throw on a set of adapters and those aftermarket wheel upgrades are yours for the taking. And because the side by side part manufacturers we work with fabricate their wheel spacers and adapters out of the strongest metals imaginable today, they are guaranteed to withstand the bends, pulls, and stresses that occur when you’re riding at your hardest.

Be they 2” wheel spacers from SuperATV or a 1.5” spacer set from Highlifter, get the superior stability and weight distribution benefits that come with a wider UTV posture. And while your scrub radius may increase and your wheel bearings may require better maintenance, the overall performance of your Polaris Ranger Full-Size will be noticeably better. So if you’d like your Polaris Ranger to have a little more width for stability in corners without having to upgrade the springs and shocks, aftermarket accessories such as wheel spacers are a great option. And if you want that perfect set of aftermarket rims but they don’t quite fit on your Polaris Ranger Full-Size, adapters might be the solution. Whatever the case may be, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got the right wheel spacers and adapters for any need.

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