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Tire and Wheel Accessories

The Polaris Ranger is a versatile off-road vehicle that has become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you own a Polaris Ranger 570, Polaris Ranger 1000, Polaris Ranger XP 1000 (or any other Polaris Ranger model), there are a variety of tire and wheel accessories that can enhance the performance and appearance of your vehicle.

From lug nuts and tire chains to tire lighting and wheel bearings, these accessories are designed to improve traction, durability, and safety in a variety of off-road conditions. Additionally, wheel adapters and tire sealant can also provide added versatility and protection for your Polaris Ranger's tires and wheels. Order yours today!

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When it comes to owning a Polaris Ranger, it's important to understand the different tire and wheel accessories available and what to look for when buying them. Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing these accessories:

Lug Nuts: Upgraded lug nuts can add strength and security to your wheels, providing more confidence to push your vehicle to its limits. When choosing lug nuts, you can opt for steel, aluminum, or titanium. Steel is durable and economical, but can corrode and add unsprung mass. Aluminum is more expensive and lighter, while titanium is both durable and lightweight, but comes with a hefty price tag. Regardless of which option you choose, be sure to tighten them to a specific torque rating found in the owner's manual.

Tire Chains: Tire chains can improve traction and stability on snowy or icy terrain. V-bar chains feature metal bars that run perpendicular to the tire's tread, providing excellent traction on snow and ice. Cable chains are made of steel cables that are twisted around the tread, while diamond chains are similar but not as effective as V-chains. Twist-link chains are the most durable, but can be uncomfortable. Studded chains offer the best traction on ice but are not suitable for paved surfaces.

Wheel Bearings: High-quality wheel bearings can improve handling and stability. Steel bearings are strong, durable, and can handle heavy loads, making them ideal for off-road use. However, they may be more prone to rust and corrosion over time. Ceramic bearings are more expensive, lighter, and do not corrode, while bronze bearings are effective but tend to wear out quickly. Polymer wheel bearings are also an option, as they are fairly durable and lightweight.

Wheel Adapters: Wheel adapters allow you to use different wheel sizes or bolt patterns on your Polaris Ranger. Choosing an adapter with a bolt pattern that matches your Ranger's wheels is crucial. The most common bolt patterns for Polaris Rangers are 4x156 and 4x156mm. Steel or aluminum adapters can be chosen depending on your budget and level of off-roading experience.

Tire Sealant: Tire sealant can help repair and prevent punctures in your Polaris Ranger's tires. It's important to note that tire sealant cannot cure large punctures or rips, and must be maintained over time to remain effective.

By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions when purchasing tire and wheel accessories for your Polaris Ranger. These accessories can enhance your off-road experience and provide added safety and confidence on challenging terrains.