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Spare Tire Mounts

Whether you're after a hitch-mounted spare tire mount for your Polaris Ranger Full-Size XP 1000, or an in-bed spare tire mount for your Polaris Ranger Full-Size 900, we've got what you need to keep your vehicle moving forward here at Everything Polaris Ranger! Many riders like on-roof Polaris Ranger Full-Size spare tire mounts. However with the addition of lift kits and larger tires, this option may be suboptimal for those who ride tight and overgrown trails where snagging limbs prove problematic. Plus, while overhead spare tire carriers do save bed space and preserve visibility, they can also make it impossible to fit your rig inside a garage or enclosed toy hauler. So if you want a Polaris Ranger Full-Size spare tire mount that not only clears obstacles, but also doesn't take up cargo space or hinder your line of sight, the options available at Everything Polaris Ranger will set you straight. Our hitch-mounted spare tire carriers can be installed on either the front or rear hitch receiver, and they come with specialized hitch pins and clips to prevent annoying rattle noises. Alternatively, the UTV spare tire mounts by Hornet Outdoors include options that attach to the Ranger's bed rails, giving you the ability to hold a spare tire on the left side, right side, or innermost section of the bed. No matter the style of spare tire mount you're after, we've got the right Polaris Ranger Full-Size spare tire holder for you at Everything Polaris Ranger.

If you've added a rear roll cage to your side-by-side, we have spare tire mounts capable of attaching to them. Or if you've installed aftermarket racks, our Polaris Ranger Full-Size spare tire holders can clamp onto those as well. Some riders like to use spare tire mounts that attach to the frame above the exhaust, but this will interfere with your tailgate if you don't have a foldable or quick-detach spare tire mount. Other riders like to mount their spare tires out and to the side of the vehicle. But unless there is a counterweight on the other side, this will likely throw your UTV out of balance. But regardless of which Polaris Ranger Full-Size spare tire mount you fancy, we offer them all here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

1 products

1 products