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Despite the nimbleness, versatility, and sheer power of the Full-Size Polaris Ranger, like most other offroad vehicles, even the mighty Ranger can be taken out of play by deep water. There are few things that can devastate you as a rider that compares to getting water in your side by side’s airbox, clutch belt housing intake/exhaust, or crankcase breather tube. But thankfully, with a little preparation, there are steps you can take to inoculate your Full-Size Polaris Ranger from the scourge of flooding. One of the best and most effective things you can do is install a Polaris Ranger Snorkel Kit on your UTV. Snorkel kits come in a nearly endless variety of styles and sizes, so it doesn’t matter if you have an XP Ranger 1000, a 570 Full Size, or a Ranger 900 XP, Everything Polaris Ranger has a snorkel kit for you and your side by side.

Most Full-Size Polaris Ranger snorkel kits and snorkel-related aftermarket accessories can be easily bolted on, and come custom painted or hydro-dipped to perfectly match the color scheme of your Full-Size Polaris Ranger. And with built-in slots for the vent lines, most snorkel kits are prefabricated to stay upright and straight without the need to be tied or glued. With industry-leading side by side firms such as SYA Warrior Riser and High Lifter, you know that every snorkel kit here at Everything Polaris Ranger undergoes the strictest of quality controls and production methods. So don’t fear the swamp, have zero hesitations as you’re flying full speed toward that mud hole, and approach any creek in your side by side with confidence knowing that you’re prepared in a Full-Size Polaris Ranger with the latest Polaris Ranger snorkel system.

Head off into the unknown with the aid of a snorkel kit. These snorkel kits, if you have never had one, will change the way that you ride. When you reach to a water course you may pause to evaluate its depth, but you will not have to turn back or ride alongside it. Up the nothc on your next adventure, it may get you a bit wet in the cab, but who needs to stay absolutely dry at all times when you are exploring off-road. This is what high quality upgrades should be. This is what an upgrade for your machine needs to do for you, your riders and your machine. The next time you head out, attach your snorkel or walk with it and be prepared to take your adventure to new levels. These snorkels are made by the very best, which is after all, all that you should choose for your machine. You can find the right snorkels for your 2020 Ranger 1000, 2020 Ranger XP 1000 and the 2020 Ranger 570 Full Size.

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