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Skid Plates

If you own a Polaris Ranger 570, Ranger XP 1000, Ranger XP 900, or Ranger 1000, you are probably familiar with the risks of off-roading. Rocks, stumps, and other obstacles can damage your vehicle, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to the roads. Polaris Ranger skid plates offer protection for your vehicle while you enjoy the thrill of off-roading. There are several options available, including full skid plate kits, partial kits, rock sliders, nerf bars, and aluminum/steel skid plates. With the right setup, you can explore any trail with peace of mind. So, whether you're a seasoned off-roader or just starting out, consider investing in skid plates for your Polaris Ranger. Order today and get ready to tackle any terrain!

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Polaris Ranger skid plates are essential off-road vehicle accessories that protect the underside of your vehicle from damage. In this article, we will look at what to consider when purchasing skid plates for your Polaris Ranger.

First, consider the level of coverage and protection you need for your vehicle. Your skid plate kit should provide full or partial coverage of vulnerable areas such as the front and rear differentials, the A-arms, and the underside of the vehicle. Plastic skid plates do not offer sufficient protection, so it's better to choose ones made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lightweight and protective, while steel is highly durable but can corrode easily.

Secondly, consider the installation requirements for your skid plate kit. Some skid plates are easier to install than others and may require professional assistance, especially if you need to drill into the frames of the vehicle. Be sure to review the installation instructions and determine whether you have the tools and expertise to install the skid plates yourself.

Thirdly, keep an eye on ground clearance when purchasing skid plates. Full skid plate kits that cover the entire underside of the Ranger may reduce ground clearance by a few inches. In contrast, partial skid plate kits only cover specific areas, which may have a minimal impact on ground clearance. Therefore, it's essential to balance the need for protection with ground clearance.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the different types of skid plates available for your Polaris Ranger. Full skid plate kits provide complete coverage for the underside of your Polaris Ranger, including the engine, transmission, diffs, and even parts of the suspension. Partial skid plate kits provide protection for only the most vulnerable parts of your Polaris Ranger, such as the front or rear differential, A-arms, or the bottom of the engine. Nerf bars are another type of skid plate that only protect the sides of the vehicle and make it easier to get in and out of your Ranger.

In conclusion, purchasing skid plates for your Polaris Ranger can be a daunting task. However, with careful consideration of the level of protection needed, installation requirements, ground clearance, and types of skid plates available, you can choose the right skid plate kit that suits your needs.