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Have you blown an OEM shock on your Polaris Ranger Full-Size? Are you looking for more suspension and ground clearance but not willing to sacrifice your Ranger’s ride quality? If you answered yes, then aftermarket accessories like Polaris Ranger shocks are the perfect option for you. Be it a set of preload and compression adjustable Bandit shocks with piggyback reservoirs for your Ranger 1000, some universal 814 UTV shocks for your Ranger 570, or a front/rear Elka Suspension shock absorber and swing arm for your Ranger 900, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got the right suspension set for your Full-Size side by side needs. While Polaris Ranger spring spacers and lift kits that stand the shocks upright are popular ways to gain lift and increase ground clearance, they degrade the Ranger’s signature smooth ride. Furthermore, a surplus of unsprung weight in your UTV -- especially in the form of tires with high load ratings, high air pressures, and narrow sidewalk profiles -- degrade ride quality as well. To better handle the weight of your Polaris Ranger while maintaining a proper suspension geometry, your best bet is to upgrade your front and rear shocks. Sure stock side by side shocks ride alright at low speeds and on flat surfaces. But an upgraded suspension system will give you greater articulation, precise control, and the ability to drive 3X faster over rough ground without spilling coffee on the floorboards of your UTV.

Whether you’ve got a Polaris Ranger Full-Size 570, a Full-Size 900, or Full-Size XP 1000, we’ve got shock absorbers that are adapted and calibrated specifically for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size to give you that ultimate ride experience. Through strategic partnerships with leading powersports manufacturers, you can rest assured that the Full-Size Polaris Ranger shocks from Everything Polaris Ranger are fully tested for the toughest side by side trail applications, providing a plush ride like no other shocks on the market available for the Ranger -- with shocks that are valved and compression/rebound adjustable. If you’ve blown a side by side shock and are looking for a replacement, or simply fed up with OEM shocks and want a suspension-related aftermarket accessory that is bigger and beefier, turn your Polaris Ranger Full-Size from a lumber truck to a Cadillac with a set of shocks from Everything Polaris Ranger.

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1 products

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