Be it a damaged Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiator, a malfunctioning Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiator, or an underperforming Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiator, we can rectify it all here at Everything Polaris Ranger! Not only do we offer Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiator replacements and radiator relocation kits, but we also have a huge selection of Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiator parts in stock such as radiator hoses, radiator caps, radiator fans, and temperature sensors for Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiators!


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Your Full Size Polaris Ranger’s radiator has the important job of maintaining internal temperatures and ensuring your engine does not overheat. An overheated engine can lead to not just serious and expensive engine problems, but it can also damage ancillary parts and components on your Full Size Polaris Ranger. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your Full Size Polaris Ranger’s radiator is always in tip top shape. It’s not unheard of for the Full Size Polaris Ranger’s OEM radiator to lose its effectiveness over time or even fail completely. If you’re experiencing radiator issues on your Full Size Polaris Ranger, don’t put off fixing the problem. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find aftermarket UTV radiator replacements as well as all the parts and components you need to repair or rebuild your Full Size Polaris Ranger’s radiator.

Is your Full Size Polaris Ranger’s radiator in need of a new radiator cap? Order the Polaris Ranger XP 900 Extreme Duty Radiator Cap by Dragonfire. This radiator cap is specially designed to not overheat. It is rated at 18 PSI, meaning that the boiling point is significantly increased. This radiator cap is the perfect way to avoid overheating your radiator and in turn avoid overheating your Full Size Polaris Ranger itself.

UTV radiators act as heat exchangers to keep the engine at tolerable temperatures. They do this by circulating water or oil-based liquid known as engine coolant directly into the engine block, where it absorbs heat and returns to the radiator to cool back down. Radiator fans aid in this process, keeping a constant flow of cool air blowing in and out of the radiator to dissipate heat. Because radiators are positioned at the front end of the Polaris Ranger Full-Size, they are more susceptible to damage than most other Polaris Ranger components. And while aftermarket bumpers and radiator relocation kits can help to keep your Polaris Ranger Full-Size radiator safe from harm and functioning correctly, they can become punctured, the radiator tubing can break or disconnect, and the radiator fans can stop working, all of which will cause your engine to overheat. Furthermore, with radiator relocation kits that mount behind the headrest on the driver’s side, there is the potential for extreme harm should such a system spring a leak and shoot 200-degree coolant directly at your face at a pressure of 16 PSI. To avoid this, hood-mounted radiator relocation kits are available. Mud/dirt resistant radiators are readily available, which stop the formation of mud clots that restrict the amount of air that is able to be drawn across the radiator’s cooling fins.

If you’re looking for a radiator that performs better in the mud, trying to find one with greater cooling efficiency, or on the hunt for a replacement radiator for a busted OEM radiator, Everything Polaris Ranger has the Full-Size Polaris Ranger radiator and radiator replacement parts for you and your needs. Not interested in a full-blown radiator? No problem. An aftermarket radiator fan kit can increase the cooling power of your radiator without breaking the bank. From simple radiator parts like caps and fans to full-blown radiator cooling units, Everything Polaris Ranger has the best Full-Size Polaris Ranger radiators around.

The radiator is not a part of your machine that you should play with as it manages and handles the cooling of your engine. Don’t be caught out on the train having blown your engine because you had a faulty radiator or because you lost your cap and put something to basically cover it down in the interim. Think of the radiator on your Ranger XP 1000 as part of the water bottle for your machine that keeps it hydrated. You wouldn’t deprive your body of water so why would you deprive your machine of coolant? Choose to stay on top of these crucial parts for your machine. Choose the best brands so that you can know that your UTV has exactly what it needs to keep running at its best. If the radiator goes down. Your Side by Side goes down. All the radiator related parts you need for your machine as well as the Ranger 570 Full Size and the Ranger 1000, are right here.