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Prop Shafts

If you own a Polaris Ranger 1000, Ranger XP 1000, or Ranger 570, maintaining a high-quality prop shaft is essential for peak performance. That's why we've dedicated a shop category to all things Polaris Ranger prop shafts. We understand the critical role of a reliable and efficient prop shaft for power transfer from the engine to the wheels, so we've curated a selection of prop shafts, drive shafts, and accessories that guarantee top-notch performance. Our range includes prop shaft roll pins, U joints, prop shaft bearings, carrier bearings, and other accessories necessary to keep your Ranger running smoothly. Whether you're looking to repair or upgrade your Polaris Ranger, our selection has everything you need. Make the smart choice and order yours today!

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If you're looking to upgrade your Polaris Ranger prop shafts, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider when buying Polaris Ranger prop shafts:

Heavy-Duty Prop Shafts vs High-Angle Prop Shafts:
Heavy-duty prop shafts are designed to handle more power and torque than OEM prop shafts. They're typically made from high-strength materials and are built to withstand rough terrain and heavy use. On the other hand, high-angle prop shafts are designed for use on lifted Ranger models. They're able to accommodate a greater angle between the transmission and the rear differential, reducing the risk of binding while improving performance.

Upgraded Polaris Ranger U-joints can improve the strength and durability of your prop shaft. Look for high-quality U-joints made from materials like alloy steel or stainless steel. Other special features such as grease lifting or unique sealing systems are also great additions. No matter which ones you go for, you need to make sure to lubricate them whenever needed and avoid excessive loads which can lead to premature wear and tear.

High-quality steel or bronze Polaris Ranger ball bearings, roller bearings, and needle bearings can help reduce friction and improve the overall performance of your prop shaft. Make sure to keep the bearings lubricated and clean, and inspect them regularly for signs of wear or damage as lack of prop shaft bearing maintenance can easily lead to severe prop shaft failures.

Prop Shaft Tube:
Prop shaft tubes can come in different materials, including steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, and can be of different diameters and lengths depending on the specific make and model of your Polaris Ranger. The prop shaft tube is designed to protect the prop shaft from external elements and debris, which could cause damage to the prop shaft which is why durable materials are a must.

Roll Pins:
Upgraded Polaris Ranger roll pins can provide a stronger connection between the U-joints and the prop shaft yoke, reducing the risk of failure. It is a standard upgrade that should be done both for better control and for more confidence.

Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit:
In a high-angle prop shaft setup, the increased angles of the suspension can cause the slip yoke to bind or bottom out, leading to damage or decreased performance. A slip yoke eliminator kit replaces the slip yoke with a fixed yoke, eliminating the movement and preventing binding or damage to your Polaris Ranger prop shaft system.

In conclusion, upgrading your Polaris Ranger prop shafts can significantly improve your vehicle's performance and durability. Keep in mind the factors mentioned above to ensure you get the best prop shafts for your vehicle.