Portal Gear Lifts

One of the best ways to increase the ground clearance of your side-by-side is to install a Polaris Ranger Full-Size portal gear lift. And in addition to giving your UTV more clearance, Polaris Ranger Full-Size portals can also be used to give your 4x4 a 15%, 30%, or even a 45% gear reduction. Although a reduction in your rig’s gear ratio will lower the vehicle’s top speed, side-by-side gear reductions are almost compulsory when heavy aftermarket tires are installed. Unlike bracket lifts, Polaris Ranger Full-Size portal gear lifts don’t alter the machine’s stock geometry. When you lift your bike from the frame, you change the angle of the driveline. In turn, this steeper driveline angle exacerbates the stress on components like axles and differentials. So instead of using spring spacers and bracket lifts that destroy axles and cause CV joints to fail, why not treat your rig with respect and install Polaris Ranger Full-Size portals instead? Now we’re not suggesting that you stack an 8” Outkast Fabworx lift kit on top of SuperATV’s 8” portals, but if you rock crawl, hill climb, or mud ride, you’ll definitely benefit from a Polaris Ranger Full-Size portal gear lift!

If you use your Ranger as a tool and not a toy, the cost of Polaris Ranger Full-Size portals might be off-putting. But if you want to hit gnarly mud holes while the non-lifted UTV owners film you from go-around trails, Polaris Ranger Full-Size portals are the way to go. Although the larger 8” portal gear lifts typically require additional parts like link bars, upgraded ball joints, and frame stiffeners for extra support, the smaller 4” portal gear lift kits come with everything you need to get started -- from backing plates to longer brake lines. Some might argue that 16 inches of lift on top of 42” tires accomplish absolutely nothing. But if you need a machine to carry your Miller welder up and down the pipeline, a machine to launch/retrieve your boat from the river, or a machine to hunt ducks out of that is capable of navigating flooded timberlands, a Polaris Ranger Full-Size with a portal gear lift kit installed is perfect. Plus, if you put your rig to work in Bounty Holes and Mud Runs, your Polaris Ranger Full-Size portals could pay for themselves through the prize money you win!

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