Use a Polaris Ranger Full-Size cooler for hunting, fishing, picknics, or overnight adventures; but whatever you do, make sure to save money on quality Polaris Ranger Full-Size coolers by shopping exclusively at Everything Polaris Ranger! On top of the great hard- and soft-sided Polaris Ranger Full-Size coolers we make available to Full-Size Polaris Ranger owners, riders can also visit Everything Polaris Ranger to get Polaris Ranger Full-Size cooler mounts / holders, Polaris Ranger Full-size cooler tie-downs, and Polaris Ranger Full-Size ice chests!


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If you’re a true outdoor enthusiast, your full size Polaris Ranger is probably your best friend. Whether it’s a fishing trip, hunting excursion, or hiking expedition, the full size Polaris Ranger allows you to go further and do more. But if your outdoor adventure is going to last more than half a day, you’ll need to bring food and drinks. A good UTV cooler is the best way to keep provisions fresh on your Polaris Ranger full size. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find a selection of the best UTV coolers all in one location. Our Polaris Ranger full size coolers are supplied by some of the most trusted and respected aftermarket off-road names like Rough Country, ATV TEK, Greene Mountain Outdoors, Nelson Gear, Kolpin Powersports, and Assault Industries.

Don’t even try to bring that cheap plastic beach or picnic cooler you’ve got sitting around the house. These just aren’t made to stand up to off-road abuse and outdoor weather conditions. All the UTV coolers you see here were built tough with the off-road in mind. The Polaris Ranger 20QT Super-Cooler by Kolpin Powersports is a great example. The cooler features heavy-duty rubber draw latches, and tough yet lightweight aluminum grab handles. It’s even certified bear resistant so you won’t have to worry about your food getting stolen! This cooler offers excellent insulation to keep your provisions cold for up to 5 days. It looks great, and if you need even more space, check out the Polaris Ranger 60QT Super Cooler by Kolpin Powersports.

If you’re serious about keeping food and drinks fresh, check out the Polaris Ranger/General 45L Portable Refrigerator/Electric Cooler by Rough Country. This portable refrigerator easily connects to your Polaris Ranger full size’s electrical system to keep provisions fresh indefinitely. With its spacious 45 liters of storage space, the electric cooler is perfect for storing fresh game from your hunting trips or fresh catches from your fishing trips. The last thing you want is perfectly good meat going to waste because you ran out of ice! This portable refrigerator comes with a DC power cord and an adapter for AC power. It also features a removable basket and a user manual.

While all-purpose cooler brands such as Yeti and Igloo work, an ideal UTV cooler should come with an extra tight lid, dedicated tie-down cleats, and/or built-in slots through which you can thread straps or bungee cords. RTIC coolers are popular, providing a complete line of cooler-related accessories, from hard and soft coolers to day coolers and tumblers. The Polaris Ranger Reflective Series 6-Pack Tube Cooler is another fan favorite. This innovative side-by-side cooler is specifically designed for off-roading, cylindrically shaped to hold a 6-pack with a built-in hook and loop strapping system that securely attaches the cooler’s tubular body to the UTV’s roll cage. Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional camping cooler or in need of a cutting-edge cooling solution, we at Everything Polaris Ranger have the right cooler for you.

The day is hot and the ride is long to the lake that you are heading to for your fishing trip, what would take the edge off of your day is a nice cool beverage and what would add to the memorability of that trip would be the ability to add a bit of competition to your trip by seeing who has the biggest catch. You can do both. We carry such a wide and versatile range of coolers that you can find one for any kind of outing. Whether it is a one or two-person trip or a huge crew the cooler that you need for your Ranger XP 1000 is right here waiting for you. Not only are most of the coolers we carry certified bear-proof, but some have built in scales and they are made to fit snuggly in the cargo area of your machine. Their skid-proof undersides mean that your cooler will both be secure and it will not damage the bed of your machine by sliding around. Choose from the plethora of options available which also work with the Ranger 570 Full Size and the Ranger 1000. Make sure you find a good UTV cooler for your full size Polaris Ranger’s next outdoor adventure!

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