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Aside from the general maintenance tools you should have around the garage as well as the emergency tools you should have in your Full-Size Polaris Ranger at all times, there are a few special tools that anyone doing their own maintenance or upgrades should own. Some of these special UTV tools aren’t absolutely necessary and there are workarounds that are possible, but having these tools makes life a whole lot easier when working on your Ranger. One side-by-side tool that every Full-Size Polaris Ranger owner should have is a wheel bearing greaser tool. It doesn’t matter if you subject your machine to light trails or the occasional mud pit and water hole, if you don’t properly grease your wheel bearing periodically, they will become shot in a hurry. We suggest adding grease to your wheel bearings roughly every four rides -- or between 350 and 400 miles. However, because everyone rides different terrain, you can’t really put it on a schedule. But if you keep your ears open, you should know when it’s time-based on the sound. If you do your own maintenance, you should be fine packing your wheel bearings every time you service your machine. While you’re at it, pull the wheels off and check brakes, tie rods, and ball joints as well as all the fluids, all grease zerks, and all filters. You do not have to remove the bearings to pack grease into them. Just take off the hub and slide the greasing tool over your axle shaft and into the bearings, pumping them full of grease -- while making sure to rotate frequently. It’s quick and easy. And while it may take dozens of pumps, buying the bearing grease tool and investing a bit of time is a lot cheaper and more convenient than having a bearing failure. But if you do get the greasing tool, note that you’ll need to get a set as a different tool is needed for the front and back Ranger wheel bearings.


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In addition to greasing tools, there are also special tools for taking the clips off of the axle boots, which is necessary if you’re replacing a torn boot. You can buy the crimp or banding tool that makes taking the clamps off a lot easier. However, there are about four different styles of bands, some of which are reusable and some of which are not. Two flat screwdrivers can be used to pop the clips off, allowing you to reuse the band. Also, fence pliers work great for this application if you have some laying around, it’s almost like they’re specifically made for axle boot clamps. If you have any questions about what tools to use for what project, contact us and we’ll get you sorted out!

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