Whether you’re replacing a steering rack on your Polaris Ranger Full-Size or upgrading your Full-Size steering with power steering, Everything Polaris Ranger has the best Full-Size Ranger steering kits and steering-related parts & accessories for your Polaris Ranger. Does your steering wheel have a bit of play in it? Can you hear the clicking or grinding sounds coming from the steering column? If so, diagnosing and fixing the steering system is imperative. In many cases, you may not need an entirely new steering system or steering rack if the problems lie in the clevis rods, heim joints, or tie rods. A Full-Size Ranger owner emailed us about a problem he was experiencing with his machine's steering. It turned out his inner tie rod broke and his local dealer was trying to convince him to buy an entirely new steering rack assembly. We let him know that it’s common for aftermarket Polaris Ranger parts producers to make tie rod assemblies for both the inner and outer tube and sell them as a set -- a far cheaper option than you’d have to pay for a new steering rack. We shipped him one midweek, he installed it himself and was good to go before the weekend. SuperATV sells a heavy duty tie rod assembly as well as a good steering rack, both of which we highly recommend.

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In addition to SuperATV’s Polaris Ranger Full-Size steering racks, other steering racks like the Stabilizer system by Sandcraft, the RackBoss steering rack, and the steering rack by Rockzilla  And while steering racks like the Gear One rack perform great -- despite their lousy warranty --, many riders love the racks by Shock Therapy, which are widely regarded as the best products on the market. So if your steering rack broke on the trail and you had to ratchet strap it onto the steering box frame and drive very slow the rest of the way home, we’ve got the right rack to get your machine up and running again.

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