Front Drive Line / Suspension

Many novice riders and people looking into buying a side-by-side without a background in Powersports or offroading have many misconceptions about the differences between the various makes, models, and years of Polaris’ Ranger UTV. It’s easy to see why a good amount of people think that the only difference between Mid-Size Polaris Rangers and Full-Size Polaris Rangers is their width and the number of seat belts they have, but when you take a deeper look, there are many more differences that can impact how the machine performs and under which circumstances it performs best. Take the Polaris front suspension system as an example. Many Mid-Size Polaris Rangers have strut front suspension, while many Full-Size Polaris Rangers have dual control arm suspension. Up until 2008, all Polaris Rangers used the strut suspension design, so there are many strut suspension kits and parts on the market. These are a cheaper system as well, which is a big reason why the Mid-Size Rangers are generally more affordable. The more expensive double A-arm suspension system used in a lot of the Full-Size Polaris Rangers may not be vastly superior to the strut suspension setup, but it does allow for more options when it comes to modifying the suspension for particular applications such as aggressive trail riding, hill climbing, mud, etc.


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If you’re more concerned about stability in your Full-Size Polaris Ranger and less concerned about the smoothness of the ride, a stiffer set of springs might prove beneficial. While preload spacers can help your machine to better handle bumps on those well-traveled routes if your Ranger is heavily weighted down with accessories, cargo, and passengers, the suspension is more prone to bottom out, wear out, and cause tires to rub against the chassis and fenders. In this situation, aftermarket HD springs can help balance out the weight of the cab and stiffen the suspension. Be it Heavy Duty Springs, preload adjusters, or spring spacers, if you have any questions about your Full-Size Polaris Ranger’s front suspension, give us a call or send over an email and we’ll get you sorted out.

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