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Cooling System

It is common for Full-Size Polaris Ranger models to experience engine overheating. Therefore, aftermarket cooling system upgrades and replacement parts have become popular among Ranger owners. Radiator relocation kits are a good option for machines running at high rpms. Several Full-Size Ranger owners relocate their radiator due to accessories like lightbars and winches obstructing the airflow in stock radiator locations.

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The Polaris Ranger is a popular utility terrain vehicle that has become a favorite among farmers and off-road enthusiasts alike. However, one major issue that many Full-Size Polaris Rangers have faced is overheating, which can cause the vehicle to go into limp mode. This can be frustrating and dangerous, especially if you're navigating a steep incline or hauling heavy loads.

One problem that causes overheating is air bubbles in the cooling system. When air bubbles get into the system, the machine pushes out coolant, which leads to low coolant levels and eventually overheating. To prevent this from happening, ensure that there is no air in the cooling system. When the system is free of air, the radiator fans should turn on and off at set temperatures, providing an indicator of whether the system is functioning properly.

Dirty radiators are also a common cause of overheating. However, you can get ECM tunes that turn on the radiator fans at lower temperatures, which can help prevent overheating. One option is the Gilomen tune, which is known to be effective.

Another issue that is specific to certain Full-Size Polaris Ranger models is the 30 amp circuit breaker located under the hood, which can cause the fan to work at the wrong speed, leading to intermittent overheating. Replacing the breaker can usually solve the problem. Alternatively, you can wire the fan to a switch, which allows you to control the fan's operation and even turn it off completely when crossing deep water.

In general, simple solutions are often the most effective when it comes to Polaris Ranger and UTV cooling systems. If you're experiencing issues with your Full-Size Polaris Ranger's cooling system, consider calling in a professional for help. A skilled mechanic can diagnose the issue and provide you with the best solution to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.