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Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

This shop category is dedicated to Polaris Ranger oil changes, fluids, and filters. If you own a Polaris Ranger 1000, Ranger XP 1000 or Ranger 570, it's important to keep your vehicle in top condition. Regular maintenance including oil changes and fluid replacements is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This category has everything you need for your Ranger, including oil change kits, filters, fluids, fuel filters, gearbox fluid, air filters, engine oil, and transmission oil. Don't settle for subpar performance when you can have the best. Trust this shop to provide you with the highest quality products to keep your Polaris Ranger running smoothly. Shop with them today and experience the difference!

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The Polaris Ranger is a popular off-road vehicle used for rough terrain, and it requires regular maintenance to function optimally. One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining the vehicle is ensuring that the oil, filters, and other fluids are of good quality and replaced promptly. Here is a breakdown of what to look out for when buying Polaris Ranger oil, filters, and other fluids.

Oil Change Kits
Oil change kits for a Polaris Ranger typically include the necessary amount of oil and an oil filter for a specific Polaris Ranger model. These kits can simplify the oil change process and ensure that you have everything you need to complete the oil change. One-time oil change kits are available, which include the necessary amount of oil and a filter. On the other hand, multi-kit bundles are also available, providing more filters and oil for future needs. Choosing the latter option is a good way to make the buying process easier and saving a few bucks in the process.

Polaris Ranger oil filters are designed to remove contaminants and debris from the engine oil. Two types of oil filters are used in Polaris Ranger vehicles: a standard paper element filter and a ProShield filter. The latter is more effective at capturing smaller particles but is more expensive. Meanwhile, Polaris Ranger air filters are designed to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the engine and causing damage. Standard paper element form and a newer foam air filter can be washed and re-used while effectively removing debris. Additionally, fuel filters help to remove impurities from the fuel, which helps prevent engine damage. These can be had in standard paper element form or a fuel strainer type that is made of metal and can catch larger objects from exiting the fuel tank. Some Polaris Ranger models have a transmission filter that helps remove contaminants and debris from the transmission fluid.

Which Fluids Does the Polaris Ranger Need?
The Polaris Ranger needs 4-cycle engine oil that meets or exceeds Polaris PS-4 or PS-4 Plus specifications. The recommended oil viscosity varies by model, so it's essential to check your owner's manual to determine the correct oil to use. Polaris Ranger transmission/gearbox fluid typically uses a synthetic gearcase lubricant that meets or exceeds Polaris Demand Drive Fluid or Demand Drive Fluid LT specifications. The recommended fluid type and capacity can vary by model, so it's vital to check your owner's manual for the correct specifications. The Polaris Ranger typically uses DOT 4 brake fluid for its hydraulic brake system. Finally, the Polaris Ranger requires a high-performance antifreeze/coolant that meets or exceeds ASTM D3306 or ASTM D4985 specifications. It is crucial to double-check your owner's manual to ensure that you are using the right coolant, as not all Polaris models use the same coolant. Some Polaris Ranger models have power steering systems that require a specific type of power steering fluid.

In conclusion, maintaining your Polaris Ranger is essential to keep it running optimally. You must check your owner's manual to ensure that you are using the right oil, filters, and other fluids. Buying good quality Polaris Ranger oil, filters, and other fluids ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly, which is necessary, given the rough terrain that these vehicles are often used on.