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Heat Shields

Upgrade your Polaris Ranger's performance with our industry-leading heat shields. Our heat shields are specially designed to fit popular models like the Ranger XP 1000, Ranger 1000, and Ranger 570, providing unparalleled protection against engine and exhaust heat. Our foot shields are designed to keep your feet and legs cool, while our seat and under seat shields add additional insulation to your seat. With our foot saver shields, you can reduce heat transfer to your feet, allowing you to ride for longer periods comfortably. Our Polaris Ranger heat shields are easy to install and made from durable materials, making them an essential accessory for any serious off-road adventurer. Shop now to take your ride to the next level and experience improved comfort and protection on all your adventures.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Heat Shields?

Heat Shield Types

Engine Heat Shields

If you are running a serious build on your Polaris Ranger engine, chances are that you are going to need extra heat shielding to protect yourself from all that added heat that comes with that.

Polaris Ranger engine heat shields are typically made from materials such as aluminum or steel. Benefits include added heat protection and durability, while drawbacks include added weight and potential installation difficulties.

Foot Heat Shields

Polaris Ranger foot heat shields are designed to protect your feet and legs from the heat generated by your vehicle's engine and exhaust system. 

They are typically made from heat-resistant materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. Pros include added heat protection and comfort, while cons include added weight and cold feet during winter.

Seat Heat Shields

Seat heat shields are designed to provide added insulation to keep you comfortable during long rides while also making sure that the engine heat does not penetrate your seat fully.

These are typically made from materials such as foam or fiberglass. Some can be easily added and removed while others require you to modify your existing seat and thus are more difficult to remove.

Underseat heat shields are potentially an even better idea as they tend to be easier to install, but are able to block excessive heat before it reaches the seat.

Fire Tape and Cable Heat Shielding

Fire tape is a special tape designed to control the heat dissipation of whatever item it is glued to. Let’s say you just put on a custom exhaust and you are afraid that exhaust heat could potentially melt your new plastic bumper.

If that is the case, you will simply use fire tape to cover the most vulnerable parts easily and cheaply. 

Polaris Ranger cable heat shielding is similar but is intended to protect cables and wires from heat exposure. This is a pretty good thing to do for those who run their Polaris Rangers to extreme temperatures often.

Heat Silicone Coating

Heat silicone coating is usually used for heat sealing your engine, exhaust pipes, headers, and manifolds.

This coating can help to reduce heat transfer to surrounding components, as well as protect against corrosion and other forms of damage. 

Always Use The Correct Heat Protector For a Specific Component!

Even though all of these have their pros and cons and many of which can be interchangeable, it’s not a good idea to mess around with heat which is why you should use a product for what it is intended to do.

For example, if the specific fire tape you bought is designed for cable heat insulation, don’t think that you can use it to shield a burning hot exhaust manifold with it, quite the contrary, that could start a fire.