Fire/Medical Rescue

The Polaris Ranger is a top-notch rescue rig, but it can be outfitted in a way that makes it even more capable with the Polaris Ranger Full-Size fire and rescue accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger! Things like Polaris Ranger Full-Size fire extinguishers are a given, but at Everything Polaris Ranger, you can also find products like the Firelite and Medlite Polaris Ranger Full-Size skid setups by Kimtekto increase your output and maximize the proficiency of your rig with regards to both firefighting as well as medical search and rescue!

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Fire and medical rescue teams around the world trust in and rely on the Full Size Polaris Ranger to do their jobs. The strength, speed, versatility, and durability of the Full Size Polaris Ranger ensure emergency rescue personnel can get into and out of perilous environments. Firefighters and search and rescue teams have come to rely on the Full Size Polaris Ranger’s off-road abilities. While the Full Size Polaris Ranger in its stock form is a great place to start, emergency rescue teams will need to upgrade it with whatever specific tools and equipment they need for their rescue operations. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got a fantastic selection of UTV fire and medical rescue equipment custom made to work with the Full Size Polaris Ranger.  

Not all fires that need to be fought occur in urban environments. Wildfires can cause ten times the amount of damage and devastation as a house or building fire. Big firetrucks can’t be used to fight wildfires. Instead, all terrain off-road vehicles like the Full Size Polaris Ranger must be utilized. With its workhorse-like construction and cargo carrying capabilities, the Full Size Polaris Ranger has become the UTV of choice for wilderness fire rescue teams around the world. If you want to upgrade your Full Size Polaris Ranger with serious firefighting capabilities, take a look at some of the water pump and tank systems we have here. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we also supply portable UTV fire extinguishers as well as all the mounting hardware you need to safely secure them onto your Full Size Polaris Ranger from industry-leading brands such as QuadBoss, Greene Mountain Outdoors, Pro Armor, Axia Alloys, Assault Industries, Hornet Outdoors, Warn, and Moose. With names like these, you know you and your emergency rescue team are in good hands.

Another reason to keep a fire extinguisher on your Full Size Polaris Ranger is in case of fuel or electrical fires. It isn’t unheard of for a fuel leak to cause a fire on the Full Size Polaris Ranger. Electrical accessories can also short circuit and cause a fire. One of our best selling UTV fire extinguishers for these types of fires is the Polaris Ranger Fire Extinguisher by Pro Armor. This fire extinguisher is rated class 5-BC, meaning it’s designed to fight flammable liquid and electrical fires. Another great UTV fire extinguisher for the Full Size Polaris Ranger is the Polaris Ranger 2.5lb Amerex Halotron Extinguisher by Axia Alloys. This refillable fire extinguisher is powder coated red for maximum durability and is Coast Guard approved. And if portability is a big priority for your Full Size Polaris Ranger’s fire extinguisher, check out the Polaris Ranger PB2 Handheld Portable Extinguishes Fires Either by Safecraft. These portable UTV fire extinguishers only weigh 2.5 lbs. and can be ordered in a variety of different colors. You can even choose to include billet mounting brackets with your order.

If you’re going to bring along a fire extinguisher in your Full Size Polaris Ranger, you’ll want to make sure you have a way to keep it safely secure. Without a fire extinguisher mount, your fire extinguishers will be dangerously rolling around your cab or bed space. At Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find a variety of different fire extinguisher clamps and mounting hardware in many different sizes and styles. One of our favorites is the Polaris Ranger Quick Shot Fire Extinguisher Mount – Quick Release by AJK Offroad. This quick release mount comes in four different specific sizes as well as a universal size to fit your roll bar. It’s made from heavy-duty yet lightweight billet aluminum and uses nylon washers and bushings to avoid rattling noises. Another good option is the Polaris Ranger Fire Extinguisher Holder by QuadBoss. This fire extinguisher holder uses adjustable loop straps to fit any size fire extinguisher you have.

Whether you’re a professional first responder or not, it’s always smart to keep a first aid kit handy on your Full Size Polaris Ranger. Take a look at the Polaris Ranger / General Road and Trail Emergency by Rotopax. This emergency storage pack works with RotopaX mounting systems and can be filled with whatever emergency and first aid supplies you need. Save the day with your Full Size Polaris ranger by upgrading it with the fire and emergency rescue UTV parts and accessories you see here at Everything Polaris Ranger today!

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