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Welcome to our Polaris Ranger Exhaust upgrades section where you can revamp the performance, appearance, and sound of your Polaris Ranger 1000, Ranger 570, or Ranger XP 1000. We offer a range of exhaust upgrades that includes slip-on and full exhaust systems, silencers, and mufflers. We also provide high-quality accessories that complement the exhaust upgrades. Why settle for less when you can browse our collection and give your Polaris Ranger the ultimate upgrade it deserves? Don't wait, place your order today and experience the difference.

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When it comes to buying Polaris Ranger exhaust upgrades, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of exhaust system you want. Slip-on exhaust systems are the most common and easiest to install. They replace only the muffler section of the stock exhaust system and are typically less expensive than other types of exhaust systems. They can also improve the sound of your vehicle, making them a good option if you want to start off slow or get the most bang for your buck.

If you want more horsepower and torque gains, a full exhaust system may be the way to go. This system replaces the entire stock exhaust system, including the header, the mid-pipe, and the rest. However, it can be more expensive and difficult to install than a slip-on exhaust system. A full exhaust system also gives you more options when it comes to sound and is the most comprehensive exhaust upgrade you can get.

Dual exhaust systems replace the stock exhaust system with two separate exhaust pipes and mufflers. They provide a more aggressive look and sound and can improve performance, but they are typically the most expensive Polaris Ranger exhaust upgrade. If you spend most of your time driving in dusty environments, you may prefer a turndown exhaust system. This system is designed to turn the exhaust tips down toward the ground, reducing the amount of dust and debris kicked up by the exhaust.

Another important factor to consider is the build materials of the exhaust system. Stainless steel is the most common material used for Polaris Ranger exhaust systems. It is cheap, durable, and decently lightweight. If you want an even lighter system, you can go for an aluminum exhaust system, but it may cost you both in the value and durability departments. Titanium exhaust systems are extremely lightweight and durable but are immensely expensive.

The sound level of the exhaust system is also something to consider. Some upgrades are designed to be louder and more aggressive than others. Make sure that the sound level is legal in your area and suits your personal preferences. In general, titanium systems tend to be the loudest due to the low density of titanium and its resonant acoustic properties. Aluminum is best at sound absorption, so if you want to go under the radar, an aluminum unit is the best. However, do be aware that the sound is dependent on a wide variety of aspects such as the size of the exhaust, the shape, and most importantly, the type.

Lastly, some exhaust systems are for show, some are for weight reduction, while some are for adding more power. You can combine all three of these if you know your stuff, but do be aware that such exhaust systems are by far the most expensive ones. Whatever your preferences are, make sure that you choose the Polaris Ranger exhaust upgrade that suits your needs and budget.