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The Everything Advantage

ECU Tuners

Go beyond the bounds of your Polaris Ranger Full-Size 570’s governor, increase the horsepower on your Polaris Ranger 900 Full-Size by more than 10%, and fine-tune your Polaris Ranger Full-Size 1000 to a T with a Polaris Ranger ECU Tuner. If you want a more responsive, better performing UTV, a Polaris Ranger programmer chip can yield impressive results. Go faster, unleash unadulterated torque, and keep your Ranger 900 or Ranger 1000 engine from overheating with a general Polaris Ranger ECU tuner from Everything Polaris Ranger.

Handheld ECU Tuners like those by SuperATV improve the performance and power of your Polaris Ranger and come with easy-to-operate, high contrast, displays that show vehicle data channels in real time. Most handheld Polaris Ranger Programmers can be set up to use the OEM diagnostic connector, meaning that you can install it on your UTV yourself and tinker with it at your leisure, without having to remove the ECU and send it out to be calibrated by a technician. These side by side programmers enable you to view data logs to determine total time at various throttle positions, peak boost, top speed, peak RPM, hours, miles, etc. And the good thing about UTV tuners -- as opposed to many other aftermarket accessories -- is that they rarely void your warranty. While techs (certified or otherwise) can view your data logs, they can’t see the actual tuning of your side by side, thus denied warranty claims are extremely few and far between. So whether you need a little more oomph to crawl up a steep hill in low gear, are looking for a better way to make UTV diagnoses, or want to take a data-driven approach to tuning and performance optimization, a Polaris Ranger ECU Tuner is the perfect way to unleash the beast that is your Polaris Ranger Full-Size.

3 products

3 products

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