ECU Tuners

Tune your exhaust, adjust your injection timing, or remove the factory speed and rev governors with the help of a Polaris Ranger Full-Size ECU tuner from Everything Polaris Ranger. With pre-programmed tuning software for a variety of applications, there are few aspects of your rig’s electronic control unit that can’t be optimized after installing a Polaris Ranger Full-Size ECU tuner from Everything Polaris Ranger!

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Are you the type of person who chooses to never settle for less? Do you believe it’s always possible to make something good even better? If so, optimizing the performance of your Full Size Polaris Ranger using an ECU tuner is something you should consider. With an ECU tuner, unlocking the gains in engine performance and efficiency for your Full Size Polaris Ranger has never been easier. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find the ECU tuners you need to optimize fuel injection, air flow, exhaust, throttle, and RPM. Take a look at some of the quality and easy to use UTV tuners you see here from trusted and reputable brands like Trinity Racing, Agency Power, Aftermarket Assassins, Trail Tech, and Dobeck.

Aftermarket Assassins is a true industry leader when it comes to UTV tuners. Take a look at the Polaris Ranger 570 Custom Tuned Powervision by Aftermarket Assassins. This ECU tuner comes loaded with your choice of badass custom tunes for your Full Size Polaris Ranger. These custom tunes make it easy to enjoy quicker throttle response, more efficient power delivery while in high gears, and up to a 5-7 boost in horsepower. This tuner comes with cables to allow you to easily program your tunes with your computer. Another of our most popular Full Size Polaris Ranger tuners is the Polaris Ranger XP 900 Tuner by Trinity Racing. This tuner features a push button interface to allow for easy on the fly tuning while you’re out tearing it up on the trails.

Handheld ECU Tuners like those by SuperATV improve the performance and power of your Polaris Ranger and come with easy-to-operate, high contrast, displays that show vehicle data channels in real time. Most handheld Polaris Ranger Programmers can be set up to use the OEM diagnostic connector, meaning that you can install it on your UTV yourself and tinker with it at your leisure, without having to remove the ECU and send it out to be calibrated by a technician. These side by side programmers enable you to view data logs to determine total time at various throttle positions, peak boost, top speed, peak RPM, hours, miles, etc. And the good thing about UTV tuners -- as opposed to many other aftermarket accessories -- is that they rarely void your warranty. While techs (certified or otherwise) can view your data logs, they can’t see the actual tuning of your side by side, thus denied warranty claims are extremely few and far between. So whether you need a little more oomph to crawl up a steep hill in low gear, are looking for a better way to make UTV diagnoses, or want to take a data-driven approach to tuning and performance optimization, a Polaris Ranger ECU Tuner is the perfect way to unleash the beast that is your Polaris Ranger Full-Size.

Is this your first foray into the land of ECU Tuners for your machine? If so, Hakuna Matata! We have you covered, no worries! The tuners that will find here are the Handheld ECU Stage 1 and 2 Tuners by SuperATV and the Polaris Ranger XP 900 Tuner by Trinity Racing. A major difference between the SuperATV Tuners and the one from Trinity Racing is the interface. The interface on SuperATV’s tuners is digital whereas the one from Trinity Racing is push button. Both of these brands are excellent and both of them offer you levels of control over the performance of your machine that will blow your mind. These three tuners work with the Ranger XP 1000, the Ranger 570 Full Size, as well as the Ranger 1000. They are versatile and will have your ride personalized to respond specifically to the way you drive as well as improving your fuel management and adjusting the way your machine reacts to your last tune-up.

It's time you get even more out of your Full Size Polaris Ranger. With the selection of ECU tuners you see here, you’ll be blown away by what becomes possible. When you take your last breath, you want to rest assured knowing you enjoyed everything your Full Size Polaris Ranger has to offer. So stop settling for less and unlock the full potential of your Full Size Polaris Ranger by tuning it to perfection with a UTV ECU tuner from Everything Polaris Ranger today!

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