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Single Person Race Systems

If you're into UTV racing, a single person race communication system should be at the top of your list of must-have accessories for your Full-Size Polaris Ranger. It's a fantastic way to get ahead of the competition by allowing your coach or crew chief to send you instructions mid-race. You'll also get critical information about the track, potential hazards and other drivers from your team's spotter. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer single person race systems for those who already have a radio and systems that include radios for those starting from scratch. We also have PTT buttons integrated into the steering wheel or attached to the body, helmet speakers, helmet mics, hand-held radios and half headsets. You can add an antenna for long-distance races and customise your comm system with longer wire harnesses. Single person race communication systems can be used whenever you're out in your UTV, making them versatile and valuable on both the racecourse and in the wild.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Single Person Race Systems?

Quality and Special Features

When it comes to racing, you need to ensure that your words are loud and clear as these are the environments where little things make a big difference.

No matter how advanced your Polaris Ranger might be, you will still need a reliable, and high-quality Polaris Ranger single person race system if you want to beat any race at all.

Therefore, this is not a place where you should skimp on money as you want a system that offers clear audio with minimal background noise intrusion.

This means going for a system equipped with features such as active noise cancellation, higher-end passive noise cancelation, and dynamic microphones that are perfect for noisy environments such as racing.


Durability is also immensely important as racing environments tend to be extremely harsh on electrical equipment which is why you should go for units made out of high-quality materials such as aluminum or composite.

You should also focus your attention on units that are shielded from harmful outside signals while never settling for anything less than a completely waterproofed and dust-proof unit. 

This is that more important if you are racing without any cab enclosures, windshields, or doors.

Your wires and connectors need to be made out of equally durable materials as they are also going to endure a lot of stress.

Convenience and Ease of Use

While racing, it’s important to keep the area around your hands and face as decluttered as possible as you don’t want to accidentally turn something off and not know how to turn it back on.

As such, convenient and easy-to-use Polaris Ranger single person race systems should also be on the top of your list as mistakes can happen, but what can’t happen is you not knowing how to restart your comms.

Wireless vs Wired Single Person Race Systems

Wireless Polaris Ranger single person race systems are more convenient and will declutter your immediate surroundings the best as there are no wires to speak of.

Wired Polaris Ranger single person race systems can potentially be a bit of an issue if you trip on a wire or you accidentally disconnect your system while driving.

On the other hand, a wired system is basic and more reliable while a wireless system can be a bit more hectic at times which is exactly what you don’t want while racing.

The choice between these two depends on your personal preference. If you don’t mind the wires and want as much reliability as possible, a wired system is the better choice.

Conversely, a wireless system is best if you want the lowest amount of physical distractions around you while racing.