Whether it's a basic low-range racing receiver for your Full-Size Polaris Ranger, or a long-distance receiver with an aftermarket antenna for extended reach, racers, leisure riders, and those who use their Rangers to get work done can all gain from a radio receiver. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we have single-channel, dual-channel, and multi-channel UTV receivers that can pick up a variety of radio frequencies. UHF race receivers are programmed to receive frequencies between 440 and 470 megahertz, which is perfect for any racing application -- be it road races, off-road short track races, or UTV races on the circle track. When choosing the right receiver for you, it is important to keep in mind the rules and regulations of the circuits in which you participate. Some types of scanners and receivers are banned outright by specific race regulations, and using them during a race could get you disqualified or banned from future events. Other types of race communication methods are insecure, and can be picked up by anyone who is tuned to the same carrier wave. To prevent the competition from eavesdropping on your race communications, things like continuous tone-coded squelch systems (CTCSS) as well as the implementation of digital code squelch (DCS) can be incorporated into your Full-Size Ranger communication system. Using these coding methods, you can ensure that your crew's transmissions will arrive at your receiver without giving away vital information to other drivers.

One-way communication systems like radio receivers are essential for side-by-side racing, but their use isn't restricted to the track or race course. Get a receiver that can pick up "frequency modulation" (FM) signals in the 88-108 band, and you just might be able to listen to your local radio stations if they're within reach. Furthermore, many governmental institutions such as the National Weather Service, the Forest Service, the Department Of Game And Fish, as well as many others broadcast useful information that aids UTV riders in the field. So if you race your Full-Size Polaris Ranger or simply want up-to-date and pertinent information about the area in which you're riding, a radio receiver from Everything Polaris Ranger is the perfect communication accessory for you!

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