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Radio / Radio Kits

Everything Polaris Ranger offers a variety of Polaris Ranger Full-Size radios and radio kits to meet your UTV communication needs. Ham radios have a typical range of about 30 miles on non-repeater channels, while repeated channels can reach up to 200 miles in wide-open areas with mountain-top repeaters. However, they require a license to use and most repeater operators won't allow chit-chatting on trails. VHF radios are also popular and can travel several times further than CB radio signals, but using marine channels on land is highly illegal. UHF radios are another option, and getting an FCC license for around $70 is good for 10 years. They provide a range of 3-7 miles in the hills and open terrain. Handheld two-way radios for bike-to-bike communication or personal use are also available. All kits come with necessary parts and can be installed quickly and easily.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Radio/Radio Kits?

Intercom Kits vs Radio Kits

The first choice to make is to either go for a more simple Polaris Ranger intercom system or a radio system/radio kit. 

An intercom system is designed to let you and your passengers talk to each other without sending or receiving signals from the outside while a radio system enables you to also talk with other drivers/people with a radio system.

Therefore, if you are only after short-range in-vehicle communication, you should go for a simple intercom system which is also going to save you quite a bit of money.

On the other hand, if you want to have the ability to talk to people outside your Polaris Ranger, go for a more expensive radio system which also tends to offer more functionality as well.

Features and Functionality

Most Polaris Ranger radio kits come with stuff such as wireless connectivity, hands-free voice activation, music dimming while speaking, high output amps, and connections to external hardware such as GoPros or cameras.

Even more advanced units come with Bluetooth, UHF frequency, DCS/CTCSS tone code capability, weather alerts, remote controls, and potentially even subwoofers and speakers.

If you pair those features with functional add-ons such as clever mounts for your headphones, dashboard mounts for your system, extendable cables, and multi-point connections, you are really getting a full-on Polaris Ranger comms package.

Durability and Toughness

When going for a Polaris Ranger radio system, it’s important to buy a system that is able to withstand all the harsh conditions associated with environments where most Rangers tend to spend their time in.

This means that a normal radio system won’t cut it as you want a system that is both safe from impacts, dirt, water, and dust.

Durable construction is a must, both for your radio and especially your mounts as these need to be properly fastened in order to function properly.

What Do I Get with a Polaris Ranger Radio Kit?

When you buy a Polaris Ranger radio kit, you can expect to get stuff such as a radio receiver and a transmitter which are the heart of the system enabling you to send and receive signals over the air.

An antenna is going to boost your signal and range while a set of speakers and/or headsets is going to allow you to hear and to talk to other people in and around the vehicle.

Lastly, you can expect to get all the essential wiring harnesses and hopefully, a mount to secure your radio and transmitter in place.

The best thing to do is to check out our stock and read product descriptions as that is where you’ll find what is included with each package.