Race Air Pumper System

Regardless of whether you race your Full-Size Polaris Ranger or are simply tired of getting dust in your face on dirt roads and dry trails, with a race air pumper system from Everything Polaris Ranger, you can overcome that insufferable dust. Like dust, heat can also be an issue when driving a UTV. While side-by-side Air Conditioning units do exist, they can be a bit pricey. And unless you run a full cab enclosure and have taken exhaustive measures to seal up all the gaps and cracks in your Full-Size Ranger, the cold air provided by a UTV AC system won't stick around for long. For a solution that kills two birds with one stone, a fresh air pumper system is the only way to go. Air pumpers for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size use small and compact air pumper units that attach to specialized air pumper helmets via flexible hose-style conduits. There are air pumper systems for one to two people, and systems made to handle up to four people. So no matter how many individuals you have packed into your Full-Size Ranger, you can get an air pumper system to provide fresh, clean air for everyone.

UTV parts providers such as Rugged Radios and PCI Race Radios make great fresh air pumpers for the Full-Size Polaris Ranger. At less than two pounds, the pump itself contributes very little to the overall weight of your machine. And because it draws less than 3.5 amps when ventilating at full-blast, the fresh air pump won't have a significant impact on your battery or electronic system. One prominent feature regarding air pumper systems for the Full-Size Ranger is that most of them use washable air filters and particulate pre-filter wrap. You can use them all day on a dusty trail, wash the filter at night, and be ready to rock and roll again the next day. Sure doors and windshields can help mitigate dust in the Polaris Ranger Full-Size. But if you truly want to conquer dust for good while simultaneously receiving quality ventilation and fresh air, a race air pumper system from Everything Polaris Ranger is the best method out there.

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