Offroad Short Course

If you're battling it out on the Offroad short course in your Full-Size Polaris Ranger without an off-road short course communication system, you're doing so at your own peril. Whether you're drafting behind the lead racer on the Off Road Track at Lucas Oil Speedway, or doing a few practice laps before the 3rd round of the WORCS racing series in Lake Havasu, with an off-road short course communication system in your Polaris Ranger Full-Size, you can perform better both before and during any off-road race. Using devices such as a digital 16-channel handheld radio, race ear buds, and an off-road helmet kit with a microphone on the driver's side, you can be in constant contact with your team -- who is all the while watching on the sidelines ready to give you helpful information through their own race radio and headsets. Sure an off-road short course communication system won't make your Full-Size Ranger faster or mechanically superior. But ask any avid racer and they'll tell you that, more often than not, it is strategic driving and co-operation that wins races, not simply raw power alone.

While the technology of off-road short course communication systems for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size are fundamentally the same, there are various alterations one can make to personalize and customize their own comm system. Some drivers like to use wired earbuds to receive voice communications, while others utilize helmet audio kits and even helmets with built-in speakers. The same can be said for microphones and transmission systems. Push-to-talk buttons come standard with many off-road short course systems, but PTT units aren't required with a voice-activated transmission unit. Although it won't affect the mechanics behind the communication system, crew members also have the ability to choose between different color headsets, and can match them with the color of your Ranger, your team's logo, specific racing themes, etc. If you're going to spend both time and money racing your Full-Size Ranger, you may as well go all in and get an Offroad short course communication system, we guarantee you won't regret it!

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