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At Everything Polaris Ranger, you can find high-quality helmets designed specifically for side-by-side owners. Unlike other helmets, these are made to be the perfect safety accessory for Full-Size Polaris Ranger drivers and passengers. A good UTV helmet needs to be strong and sturdy, but it's the added features like removable liners, detachable face visors, and built-in pockets for helmet speakers that make the difference between a good helmet and a great one. With companies like Sena, HJC, and EVO leading the way, you can find Bluetooth helmets with integrated communication systems for optimal clarity in your UTV communication system. At Everything Polaris Ranger, you can choose from a variety of helmets, including full-face, half-shell, 3/4, and open-face helmets that can be used with behind-the-neck headsets, earbuds, and wireless earpieces. Don't sacrifice comfort for safety when driving your Polaris Ranger; get a helmet that meets your needs from Everything Polaris Ranger.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Helmets?

Full Face vs Half-Shell Helmets

Polaris Ranger full-face helmets provide the highest level of protection because they cover the entirety of your face, including the chin while half-shell helmets only cover the upper part of your head.

Full-face helmets are more isolated from noise, but they are heavier, more expensive, and can be a bit too cumbersome during hot summer months.

On the other hand, half-shell helmets are cheaper and much more breathable but will leave parts of your face exposed which can be a problem, especially if you end up in an accident.

Safety Standards and Credentials

When buying a helmet for a Polaris Ranger, the first and most important thing to look out for is safety as that is the primary reason why helmets exist.

For example, the DOT (Department of Transportation) sets minimal standards for motorcycle helmets which also apply to the Polaris Ranger. These need to pass rigorous safety testing in order to pass and be worthy of the DOT stamp.

Snell Memorial Foundation is an independent organization specializing in helmet safety standards. 

A Snell certificate is even more difficult to get which means that you should aim for Snell-certified helmets in order to be as safe as you can be.

Size and Comfort

 Most Polaris Ranger helmets range from extra small to extra large and it’s important to only use helmets that are of appropriate size for your specific head.

To determine your helmet size, measure the circumference of your head at its widest point, typically just above your eyebrows and ears and compare those measurements to charts available on websites of all helmet manufacturers.

To increase your levels of comfort, be sure to test out your helmet with all the necessary add-ons such as adjustable liners, padding, and straps.

Visor Quality and Type

There are a few options you can go with when it comes to Polaris Ranger helmet visor types such as clear visors, tinted visors, mirrored visors, and dual-visor systems.

Clear visors are, as the name might suggest, clear while tinted visors have a protective UV layer on top to shield you from the sun. If you want maximum UV protection, going for a mirrored visor is best, but they can be a bit of an issue during the night.

So, if you want the best UV protection during the day but you also want to see everything clearly during the night, go for a dual-visor system that can combine stuff such as a clear visor and a mirrored visor.

Visors are typically made out of scratch-resistant acrylic or plastic. Plastic is more durable, but acrylic tends to be easier to see through.

What Are the Best Helmet Accessories?

The best helmet accessories are helmet cameras which enable you to film everything from a POV perspective while helmet bags can help protect your helmet while not in use.

Other really popular Polaris Ranger helmet accessories include handy helmet mounts, replaceable visors, helmet hangers, helmet skirts, helmet air rocker switches, drinks solutions, dynamic microphones, etc…