Helmet Kits

UTV helmets can certainly protect your brain and skull when conducting risky maneuvers in your Full-Size Polaris Ranger. And full-face helmets with visors will also protect your face and eyes from flying debris if you're riding without a windshield. One major caveat to UTV helmets, however, is that they make speaking and hearing more difficult. If your Ranger is particularly loud, this can be beneficial for solo riders who want to reduce noise. But if you're trying to communicate with your passengers, helmets are a nuisance at best, and a complete hindrance at worst. So whether you want better sound quality when listening to music, or a more convenient way to shoot the bull when riding with a helmet on, a communication helmet kit will convert your ordinary helmet into an extraordinary helmet. Using thin speakers that easily slide in and attach to the sides of your helmet, you'll gain exceptional sound playback regardless of the type of audio you're listening to. Add to this a dynamic, amplified, high gain, or low gain microphone, and your standard helmet is now the ultimate communication hub.

A good audio helmet kit for use in the Full-Size Polaris Ranger should not only give you great sound quality out of the box, but it should also maintain this high standard of quality throughout its lifetime. To ensure that our helmet kits can live up to this expectation, specialized seals are used at the connection points between cables and plugs to protect these vulnerable areas from water, dust, dirt, and abrasion. If you're looking to blast your go-to song when speeding down a forest road, if your wife is accusing you of ignoring her when you ride together, or if you need a better solution for race communications in your Polaris Ranger Full-Size, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, our communication helmet kits can fulfill all of your audio desires.

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