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Helmet Kits

UTV helmets offer essential protection for your head and skull while performing risky maneuvers in your Full-Size Polaris Ranger. Full-face helmets with visors also shield your face and eyes from flying debris when riding without a windshield. However, helmets can impede communication and hinder hearing, particularly if your ranger is loud. A communication helmet kit can solve this problem by converting your standard helmet into an extraordinary communication hub. With thin speakers that attach to the sides of your helmet and a high-quality microphone, you can listen to music, communicate with passengers, and enhance your overall riding experience. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer audio helmet kits with specialized seals that protect against water, dust, dirt, and abrasion, ensuring consistent sound quality and optimal performance. Whether you're cruising through the forest or racing with your Polaris Ranger, our helmet kits can fulfill all your audio desires.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Helmet Kits?


The focal point of any helmet kit is going to be a helmet, so be sure to prioritize the helmet no matter what. 

The idea here is that even if you go for a kit that does not suit your needs fully, but the helmet does, it’s easier to replace a cheek pad or a helmet mount than it is to replace the helmet.

It’s always better to go for a full-face helmet with a Polaris Ranger except if your Ranger is equipped with a cab enclosure or a front windshield at the very least.

Helmet Cleaning and Storage

A Polaris Ranger helmet kit should also include stuff such as helmet bags and a cover that will be used to safely transport your helmet and keep it protected from dust and scratches.

Cleaning kits can also sometimes come with a specific helmet kit, so be sure to use them as often as you can as most Polaris Ranger endeavors tend to be filled with traversing various challenging terrain such as mud, swamps, or the desert.

Visors, Vents, Cheek Pads, Cheek Straps

These relatively small pieces can make a massive difference when they are not fully compatible with your specific Polaris Ranger helmet.

For example, not all visors are the same which means that not all helmets can fit the same visor. It’s the same with helmet vents and cheek pads. 

All of this means that a non-compatible component as small as it may be, can make your entire experience almost, or literally unbearable.

By going with a helmet kit, you are going to avoid this as helmet kits come with these components included in the package.

Helmet Comms

Some helmet kits can come with communication solutions included which are designed to fit your specific helmet as best as possible.

This means that going for helmet comms separately isn’t likely to give you as efficient of an experience as a full-on helmet kit.

Helmet Kits vs Build Your Own Kit

Last, but not least, we also need to talk about mixing and matching different helmet parts, upgrades, and accessories yourself, or just going with a pre-packaged helmet kit.

Pre-selected Polaris Ranger helmet kits are convenient and time-saving, they often come with accessories some people don’t even know exist, and are much more cost-effective when bundled up. 

Building your own Polaris Ranger helmet kit allows you to pick the specific accessories you want without “needing” to buy something you aren’t interested in. It allows you to customize your setup, fine-tune specific parts and allows you to more easily interchange.

On the other hand, pre-selected kits have very limited or no levels of customization while building your own kit is much more expensive, more time-consuming, and not all that good for uninitiated enthusiasts.