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Looking for a headset for your Polaris Ranger Full-Size? Everything Polaris Ranger has got you covered! They offer a range of headset solutions for all types of riding, including behind-the-head velcro straps and cloth mic muffs, as well as complete headset solutions that are compatible with UTV radios, cell phones, intercoms, and more. If you're looking for something to rock out to your favorite tunes, they have listen-only headsets that will do the job. For those who need a communication headset, they have sturdy microphones that cut out background noise. They also have headsets that work with open-face and half-shell helmets, which maintain a secure fit on rough terrain. If you're looking for the best quality headsets, look no further than Everything Polaris Ranger. Whether you need a single headset or enough for your entire crew, they have what you need to ensure a great communication system for your Polaris Ranger Full-Size.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Headsets?

Closed Ear vs Open Ear Headsets

Polaris Ranger closed ear headsets are by far the most popular options to go for because the entire headset unit ear section is covered with plastic, rubber, or even metal on some higher-end models.

Polaris Ranger open ear headsets feature a somewhat open ear section which allows you to hear your ambiance a bit better while also being more comfortable, more breathable, and lighter compared to closed ear headsets.

If you want a more immersive experience or you tend to drive your Ranger in noisy environments, you should go for an open ear headset.

On the other hand, open ear headsets give you better situational awareness while being more comfortable.

Wireless vs Wired Headsets

Wireless Polaris Ranger headsets are vastly more convenient and are going to declutter your helmet and your hands and thus give you better freedom of movement.

Wired Polaris Ranger headsets are typically a better choice for those wanting more reliability, no latency, and can’t be bothered with charging and connecting the headset. 

Therefore, it’s all about what you value more as there are significant pros and cons to both wired and wireless systems. 

Wired headsets also tend to be cheaper and more fool-proof, but wireless headsets can be connected to multiple devices at the same time such as your cell phone, your radio, and your intercom.

Comfort and Build Quality 

Comfort and build quality should definitely be relevant while buying Polaris Ranger headsets as you are likely going to use these headsets for an extended period of time.

Leather ear cups are better at blocking ambient noise, but can be a bit sticky during the summer. Foam ear cups are more breathable but aren’t as durable and they just don’t feel as premium.

When it comes to build quality, going for brittle cheap plastic is not an option, but going for heavy materials is going to lower your overall comfort levels.

Special Features 

There are plenty of Polaris Ranger headset special features to choose from such as 2-way, 4-way, or even 6-way compatibility, Bluetooth multi-pairing, active noise canceling, cell phone voice assistance, adjustable headbands, EQs, and one or more microphones.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is understandably a very important factor when it comes to buying Polaris Ranger headphones which is why stuff such as audio and microphone filters are a great addition to all headsets out there.

If you can, go online and search the forums and reviews about the specific models you are interested in and try to compare the output and EQ range of all the headsets that interest you in order to make a sound investment.