GPS Units

Some editions of the Polaris Ranger -- such as the Northstar edition -- come complete with built-in GPS units straight from the factory. Other Full-Size Polaris Rangers, however, don't come equipped with any sort of navigational or global positioning system. For the riders in the latter camp, many options exist to help you navigate in the field. Good old-fashioned maps can work, but unless you're a luddite and extremely anti-technology, you won't get as much out of a map as you can from a Polaris Ranger Full-Size GPS. Not only will a GPS allow you to find your way back to the truck or trailhead, but they can also track your route and give you real-time as well as post-ride analytics. This is useful for those who have modified their machines and can't rely on things like the stock speedometer for accurate speed readouts or the factory odometer for accurate distance calculations. Additionally, most modern GPS units also give you topographic and altitudinal data, which is useful for adjusting the air-fuel mix in your machine at higher elevations where there is less oxygen in the surrounding air.

Marking and identifying waypoints and specific points-of-interest is another capability that most modern GPS units have. Sure you could accomplish something similar with a trail map and a sharpie, but with a GPS unit that accepts the latest map uploads -- or one that connects directly to the internet -- you can have the latest maps with up-to-date trail information, including trail closures, trail system expansions, and all the best attractions and natural sites in the area. If you use your Full-Size Polaris Ranger for mudding, or frequently ride in wet and swampy areas, getting a GPS that is waterproof -- or at least water resistant -- will save you both time and money. We won't tell you to not submerge your machine; after all, it's your Ranger and you have the right to do so. But we would suggest avoiding mud holes and water hazards unless your electronics are 100% waterproof. And for those who live in sketchy areas and are paranoid about getting their Full-Size Ranger stolen, GPS trackers can be installed to track the location of your machine at all times and notify you of any suspicious activity. Be it for navigation, tracking, or anti-theft purposes, a good GPS from Everything Polaris Ranger can do it all!

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