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Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

Looking for premium quality UTV earbuds and helmet speakers for your Polaris Ranger Full-Size engine? Everything Polaris Ranger has got you covered. Whether you want to replace your existing earbuds or helmet speakers or looking for an upgraded option, we have a vast collection of headphones and speakers that suit every rider's requirements. Our helmet speakers come in disc-shaped and cup-style gel speaker pods, which ensure a perfect fit for any off-road helmet type. They come with velcro or adhesive strips to mount inside the helmet and stay put even on the roughest terrains. We also offer foam earbuds, custom racing earbuds, and noise-canceling earbuds to cater to all users' preferences. From wired earbuds with mono plugs to wireless helmet speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, Everything Polaris Ranger's product line has everything that a UTV owner would need.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Earbuds and Helmet Speakers?

Earbuds vs Helmet Speakers

Going for a set of earbuds allows you to enjoy a more personalized listening experience as you can choose from a wide selection of various earbud sizes and shapes while also enjoying more thorough noise isolation.

Earbuds are better if you tend to drive your Polaris Ranger in particularly noisy environments, but earbuds can be a bit uncomfortable for extended use and tend to be more fiddly to set up.

Helmet speakers are designed to be more comfortable, are more expensive, and are more convenient as they tend to be mounted on your helmet exactly where you want them.

However, speakers don't offer the same levels of noise isolation and are usually more difficult to install.

Wired vs Wireless

Both Polaris Ranger earbuds and helmet speakers can be had in either wired or wireless form.

Wireless units are better if you want a greater range of motion without worrying about tripping over wires and trying not to disconnect them while driving. 

On the other hand, wireless options do tend to suffer from latency issues whereas wired units don’t.

Also, wired units tend to be more reliable, don’t need to be charged periodically, and you aren’t likely to lose them as often as you do with wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality and Comfort

Sound quality and comfort are likely the two most important things to look out for when buying Polaris Ranger earbuds and helmet speakers.

In case you prefer earbuds, you should go for products that come with various earbud sizes, molded earbuds, and memory foam earbuds that can easily fit inside your ears. This will also help with sound quality as they will help create a better seal.

In case you prefer helmet speakers, you should go for padded foam products with velcro mounts that can easily be adjusted.

Sound-quality-wise, look for products with bigger drivers and those that can easily block out exterior sound with loudness and a balanced EQ range.

Mounting Options and Special Features

As far as helmet speakers go, you can choose to mount them either via velcro straps or adhesive strip mounts depending on your personal preference.

The most popular Polaris Ranger earbuds and helmet speakers' special features include stuff such as wireless receivers which allow you to control your music without touching the buds/speakers while also giving you added levels of integration with your cell phone.