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Clutches & Clutch Kits

A proper UTV clutch will smoothly deliver power from the engine of a side-by-side to it’s drivetrain. A well-functioning Polaris Ranger Full-Size clutch kit should also perform quietly and without excessive drivetrain vibration. While inferior UTV clutches and on-trail damage can lead to clutch-related issues, even the highest quality Polaris Ranger clutches wear down over time, slipping occasionally, pulsating at high speeds, or completely losing functionality altogether. If the side by side clutch bearings are shot on your Polaris Ranger Full-Size XP 900, if your Polaris Ranger Full-Size 570 is surging forward at idle or becoming hard to shift, or if the clutch springs on your Full-Size XP 1000 are worn out, an aftermarket clutch kit could be the aftermarket accessory your Polaris Ranger needs to get up and running and performing at its best.

Faulty Polaris Ranger clutches can cause all sorts of problems, from premature belt damage to poor acceleration. But even if your stock Polaris Ranger clutch is fine, you may want to swap it out for an aftermarket side by side clutch to improve performance, sharpen gear engagement, and prevent power loss that comes with tracks or larger tires. Aftermarket side by side parts companies like SuperATV and Gilomen Innovations are well known in the industry for their Full-Size Polaris Ranger primary and secondary clutch kits. They both offer extreme upgrades that are specifically calibrated for Polaris Ranger Full-Size models -- be it the Ranger 1000, the Ranger 900, or any Ranger edition in between. If you want to eliminate hard shifts in and out of gear, experience smoother downshifts and decelerations, all without having to replace your side by side’s belt or clutch cover, then we’ve got the perfect Polaris Ranger Clutch Kit for your Full-Size rig!

3 products

3 products

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